Tristan Du Plessis: Redefining Luxury Architecture and Inspiring Creativity Worldwide

by | May 19, 2023 | Life

Tristan Du Plessis is an internationally acclaimed luxury hospitality Interior Architect and Courvoisier brand ambassador. He has left an indelible mark on the world’s top restaurants and hotels. His creative genius can be witnessed in renowned establishments like Fyn Restaurant, which ranked 37th on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants of 2022, as well as Dubai’s San Beach Club and Black Coffee’s penthouse at Johannesburg’s Hallmark Hotel.

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Redefining Architecture

Beyond his architectural prowess, Tristan Du Plessis is on a mission to revolutionize the luxury hospitality industry, city by city. According to Tristan, “Luxury isn’t solely defined by high fashion or social media trends. Luxury is a personal definition, unique to each individual. He encourages people to identify what luxury means to them and embrace it fully.”

When asked about his educational background and why he chose interior architecture, he revealed that he is largely self-taught. Although he initially pursued a B Comm Marketing degree for a brief period. He felt a deep emotional connection to “spaces” from a young age. An internship at an architectural firm, initially planned for a week, turned into a longer stay. This lead to his role as a director. In 2015, he took a leap of faith and established his own company, Tristan Du Plessis Studios.

Tristan’s early architectural projects primarily centred around nightclub designs. He fondly recalls Taboo in Johannesburg as his first venture, an exciting experience during his twenties. However, it was the allure of luxury hospitality architecture that captivated him. Tristan finds immense pleasure in this field as it allows for a wider scope of creative expression, perfectly aligning with the current surge in luxury experiences.

Describing his architectural style, “I opt for words like emotive, dark, and sexy, often creating spaces with a masculine touch. When it comes to design districts worth exploring”, he suggests “Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Miami, and Cape Town are a must must-visit destinations”. 

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Creative Process

“As for my creative process, I immerse myself in my study during after-hours, diving into design files and drawing inspiration from various resources. To rejuvenate my creative process, I cherish the simple joys of being at home, taking leisurely walks with my dogs, and indulging in Courvoisier X,” he says. 

We asked about advice for aspiring designers or entrepreneurs, “I always encourage young creatives to study if possible, explore diverse spaces, immerse yourself in culture, trends, and history, and above all, have faith in their abilities”. 

Workout and Skincare Regimen

Tristan has a workout routine and he works out with a trainer three times a week, engaging in high-intensity interval training to maintain his physical well-being.

In terms of skincare, Tristan follows a dedicated routine, relying on products from Dr. Barbara Sturm. His regimen includes a cleanser, toner, vitamin C serum, moisturizer, and hyaluronic acid serum, which he religiously applies both morning and night.

To nurture his mental well-being, Tristan incorporates daily breathing exercises and cold plunging into his routine. This practice not only aids in reducing muscle soreness but also enhances recovery, surpassing the benefits of rest alone.

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Tristan Du Plessis is a visionary in the world of luxury hospitality architecture, crafting spaces that leave a lasting impact. His journey inspires aspiring designers and reminds us that true luxury is found in the individual’s unique perspective and pursuit of personal fulfilment. Follow Tristan on IG to get to know him better.

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