13 Products To Make Your Grooming Routine More Sustainable

by | May 15, 2023 | Grooming

Men’s grooming might’ve been slow to the take, but nowadays there are more green options than a salad bar. It’s time to give your routine a total overhaul with these eco-friendly grooming products. Here’s how to save face and save the planet at the same time.

4 Tips For A More Eco-Friendly Grooming Routine

1. Choose Local Brands

If you’re not travelling far and wide, why should your grooming products? By buying local you can cut down on the carbon emissions and air travel necessary to bring you what ends up being a very well-travelled deodorant or face wash. And we’re not shy on options either, Lelive, Iwori and Skoon are South African brands with ranges that have received huge attention and great reviews.

2. Read The Label & Packaging

Or you can go online and read up about the product. If you truly want to know what goes into your products and help make a difference, a little research goes a long way. Salt & Stone’s deodorant is natural (it smells great) and uses ocean plastic and other recycled materials for its packaging.

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3. Avoid Plastic As Much As Possible

Take a walk to your grooming cabinet and you’ll notice a lot of plastic. So once you’re done reading the label and being conscious the packaging, opt for something that uses as little plastic as possible, especially single use plastic. A huge culprit? Those disposable razors you find yourself stocking up on. The Beau Raze Eco Razor is a 100% biodegradable razor so rather swap to one of these (it’s only R25 a razor). And don’t forget your Woolies black bag when you head to the shop!

4. Don’t Waste Water

A simple, yet effective rule. Don’t keep the water running when you’re not actually using it. Whether you’re brushing your teeth, washing your face or lathering yourself with a body wash, make the effort to turn the tap off.

Add these tips to your grooming routine and the products below and you’ll be well one your way to greener grooming.

13 Eco-Friendly Grooming Products For Men In 2023

African Extracts Rooibos Man Refreshing Face Wash

1. African Extracts Rooibos Man Refreshing Face Wash

Need a face wash that cleans without drying out your skin? Consider this your perfect power wash. Ingredients like organic bio-active rooibos and baobab extract are all sustainably sourced, so your skin (and the environment) will thank you. Plus, it’s vegan!

optiphi Eyesigns Active Gel

2. Optiphi Eyesigns Active Gel

Banish fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness with this fast-absorbing eye serum. A powerful blend of peptides and proteins rebuild collagen and elastin to reduce signs of ageing. You’ll end up ageing Benjamin Button-style.

Iwori Nourishing SPF 15 Day Cream

3. Iwori Nourishing SPF 15 Day Cream

Everyone can get behind the convenience (and timesaving) of a two-in-one, there’s no denying that. This day cream from South African brand Iwori is for normal/combination skin. It contains an intensely hydrating broad-spectrum SPF so your skin stays hydrated for up to 24 hours. Cheers sun damage!

SKOON. Wow-Wow Wonder Hydrating Serum

4. Skoon. Wow-Wow Wonder Hydrating Serum

This serum has more heroes than the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The hyaluronic acid, phytic acid and vitamin C all work to give you a more youthful appearance so you’ll look more silver fox and less grandad at bingo night.

lelive. Seatox - Marine Algae + Aloe Detoxifying Mask

5. Lelive. Seatox Marine Algae + Aloe Detoxifying Mask

Taking a trip to the sea might just be what your skin needs, and this mask has it in bucket-and-spade loads. It contains algae, sea spaghetti and chlorophyll which treats acne, while improving uneven skin tone and texture. Plus, it’s proudly South African.

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Jack Black Double Play Charcoal Body Bar Massaging Soap

6. Jack Black Double Play Charcoal Body Bar Massaging Soap

This multitasking body bar contains charcoal to deodorise, absorb odours and remove buildup by drawing it to the surface of the skin. The jojoba beads remove dead skin cells while the unique nubs massage muscles and relieve tension. It’s a spa day in the shower.

Salt and Stone deodorant copy

7. Salt & Stone Eucalyptus & Cedarwood Natural Deodorant

Natural deodorant gets a bad rap, but Salt & Stone more than lifts the group average. This deo is formulated for 24-hour protection with seaweed extracts, hyaluronic acid and probiotics. Plus, the packaging is made of ocean plastic and other recycled materials.

montblanc legend edp

8. Montblanc Legend Red EDP

With notes of cedarwood, clary sage and tonka beans, you’ll feel like you’re one with nature even when you’re one with your desk. The ingredients are sourced from a company that works with local producers around the world to source pure, natural and sustainable ingredients. Winner!

Lush Soak and Float Shampoo Bar

9. Lush Soak and Float Shampoo Bar

Lush say they invented shampoo bars way back in 1988 and in 2019 they sold 6.6 million of these eco-friendly slabs. This scalp-soother packs alleviating cade oil and anti-inflammatory marigold. Best part? You’ll get 60 – 80 washes from this one bar!

Kevin Murphy Free.Hold Paste

10. Kevin Murphy FREE.HOLD Styling Paste

Flexible, medium hold? Natural-looking shine? Hair-thickening effect? Yep, this does it all. FREE.HOLD also contains antioxidants and vitamins that will leave your hair and scalp feeling nourished and conditioned. Bonus: your style will go the distance, even in the sun.

Charles + Lee Shave Gel

11. Charles + Lee Shave Gel

From the low-foam formula to ensure a close shave and the glycerin for moisture-locking to the Aloe Vera for soothing and the Native Australian Kakadu Plum to help fight the signs of ageing, this shave gel certainly is a jack (and master) of all trades.

BeauRaze Shopify

12. Beau Raze Eco Razor

Yeah, even your razor can be eco-friendly now. This zero-waste 100% biodegradable disposable razor has three premium blades and is a great choice for your skin and the environment. Proof that you don’t have to sacrifice quality when going green.

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Africology Beard Balm

13. Africology Beard Balm

A conditioner for your beard? It’s mandatory if you’re rocking fuzz. Using a blend of natural essential oils and infused with shea butter, this balm prevents itching caused by new growth, so you’ll never be left scratching your beard in the boardroom.

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