Date Night? Try One of These Bold Fragrances to Make a Strong Statement

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Grooming

You buy cologne to stand out. So why not stand out? These bolder spritzes smell awesome and last longer, which means you can use less. Our picks level up in intensity as you move along the spectrum.


Ted Lapidus Cool Night EDP, 100ml

At first spray, you’ll smell fresh fruity notes like pineapple and grapefruit. But as it dries, oakmoss and musk join the mix for a rich base that’ll give you an aura of intrigue. It strikes the perfect balance between powerful and playful—i.e., the perfect starter cologne with year-long mileage.

Jaguar Classic Gold EDT, 100ml

From the wheelhouse of one of the world’s top luxury vehicle manufacturers, this scent is like a fine tuned V8 in a bottle. The scent sparks the ignition with crisp notes of apple, lime and bergamot before feathering the accelerator towards a woody, orange-blossom-tinged surge. All this against an elegant backdrop of vanilla, musk and patchouli.


Mercedes Benz Club Black EDP, 100ml

Warm, sophisticated and exuding timeless luxury, a quick spritz of this scent will take you on a journey. With an instant splash of amber and vanilla, this opulent opening salvo reveals a slew of alluring woody tones and smokiness under the hood. It’s a supercharged cologne that strikes a delicate balance—just like Mercedes’ stable of coveted rides.

Bentley For Men Azure EDP, 100ml

An immediate burst of freshness will transport you oceanside; likely behind the wheel and snaking along a coastal stretch of tarmac. The icebreaker of pineapple and herbal aromas is painted in broad brushstrokes over a hull of lavender, sage and peppery highlights. Underpinning this olfactory outer shell is a base of cashmere wood, tonka bean and orcanox molecule – a natural compound extracted from clary sage.

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Bogart Silver Scent Intense EDT, 100ml

This scent pulls no punches. And it’s got the staying power to linger for hours. Punted as an olfactory weapon, you’ll find a powerful bloom of orange blossom (reinforced with warm spices like nutmeg and cardamom) growing in the line of fire. A base of wood and teak wood will make you feel battle-ready even when you’re bound to the boardroom.

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Amaf Club de Nut Intense EDT, 2o0ml

Fresh top notes of apple, lemon and black currant collide (brilliantly!) with a floral militia of birch, jasmine and rose. A base of vanilla, ambergris and patchouli gives this powerful scent a soft, velvety texture – proving that power, precision and the plenteous can exist in perfect olfactory harmony.


By Kieran Legg & Garrett Munce

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