Here’s How You Can Smell Sexier

by | Dec 19, 2022 | Grooming, Style & Grooming

You don’t have to look like Hugh Jackman or Idris Elba to score. Scientists claim scent communication plays a role in sexual attraction. So fire up your fragrance game with some of these fine French options.

According to research, your signature smell may influence perceptions, possibly playing a part in what attracts someone to you. So it’s probably a good idea to up your chances in the dating game. Here are some of the best bottles you might not have tried. Find out which of these is your scent of compatibility. 

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Jacques Bogart Silver Scent EDT

Image: Supplied

The bottle of brand hero Silver Scent evokes by design a clapperboard used in filmmaking. The fragrance recalls the black and white noir films of the 1940s with tough guys with a heart of gold like Humphrey Bogart. Leading men from all walks of life will enjoy this fragrance which surprisingly opens with a youthful burst like grape soda. It then dries down seductively clean-smelling, which is one of the reasons this perfume has gone viral on Tik Tok. Also, it boasts beast mode performance. A winning choice if you want to meet someone at a club or a bar.

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Jacques Bogart Silver Scent Intense EDT

The atomiser on this bottle doesn’t play. You get a full blast of fragrance with one pump that explodes with juicy Litchi. The scent stays sweet but warms up slowly, making it great for cooler days and nighttime wear. It’s a casually showy fragrance that draws compliments from women and men alike. A good conversation starter.  

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Jacques Bogart Silver Scent Infinite Silver EDT 

Image: Supplied

You get a fast dry down on this guy with citrus and white floral accords within the first few minutes. It’s distinct from its predecessors of the same fragrance family in that it registers as both cool and warm at the same time. A zingy lemon note remains on a backdrop of powdery vanilla. An all-rounder that is good for daytime wear. 

French fashion house Jacques Bogart was founded in Paris by exclusive menswear designer Jacques Bogart. Today his legacy of simplicity, strength and elegance is personified by the range of Jacques Bogart Parfums. Available HERE

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