On Shelves Now! 10 Reasons to Grab the New OUTSIDE Issue of Men’s Health

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Magazines

Get outside. If you distil down the message imprinted on the pages of our new issue to a singular battle cry, you’ll find that the whole mag is a paperbound call of the wild. Not only has more time under the sun been shown to boost your resilience, but there are plenty of (fun) ways to get summer-ready as soon as you vacate your abode.

But it’s not all nature and no nurture, we’ve got plenty of ways to upgrade your life if you’re still trapped in the concrete jungle. Here are just a few reasons to head to the shops and grab a copy of our special new “Outside” edition of Men’s Health:

1. Fire Up the Ultimate Braai

jan's braai guide with recipes, tips and health advice

We tagged in one of the top braai pros in SA, Jan Braai, to help upgrade your fireside sessions. With his tips and recipes, and our research-backed health advice, you can make sure that your next stint at the grill yields delicious chargrilled perfection.

2. Plan Your Great Escape

master the elements adventure guide

Haven’t finalised your itinerary? We’ve got the remedy. Our adventure guide is packed with game-changing getaways that’ll not only help clear your head but also help you keep those fitness goals in check. From sky-high antics to lush trails, our local holidaymakers will make sure you master the elements when you’ve finally got time off.

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3. Take a Plunge for Year-Round Benefits

the new ice age of cold immersion

Ice baths are all the rage, but is a cold soak the key to strength, endurance and serious mental fortitude? We put the science to the test, embarking on a teeth-chattering journey of icy discovery. Plus, we tapped the experts for their best advice to help you get a headstart on the cold immersion trend.

OUR MAG, ON THE GO: Grab the digital edition of our new issue (and subscribe for our extensive backlog) right HERE.

4. Get Maximum Gains With Minimal Fuss

big workout in new issue featuring maximal gains with minimal effort

Building muscle doesn’t need to be difficult. The proof? Our monster workout that scraps the superfluous reps in favour of tried-and-tested moves that’ll help you forge a beach-ready body with as few steps as possible. Bonus: our experts have shared their advice to tailor every stage to your current fitness level so you can find your footing before you climb up to the big leagues.

5. Take Our Ultimate Fitness Test

take our fitness test in the new issue of mh

How strong are you really? Open up our mag to find out. We asked top trainers to compile a fool-proof guide to gauging your fitness level so that you can get a snapshot of exactly where you are and where you need to be going. With tips to ramp up your cardio, endurance and strength, this is an exam you won’t regret taking.

6. Revamp Your Ride

old rides with modern overhauls

We’re big on transformation stories, and our interest isn’t just limited to pecs, arms and abs. Our resident motorhead turned his attention to classic cars that have stood the test of time by embracing modern innovations and future-ready features. This stable of four-wheeled powerhouses represents the best of old and new—and might inspire your next big purchase.

7. Drop Weight Just in Time for Summer

31 smart ways to lose 7kg by summer

Winter weight weighing you down? We’ve got 31 ways to help you drop (at least) 7kg before the seasons change. These expert-approved, science-backed tips will get you torching calories with ease turning that dad bod into something capable of chasing waves.

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8. Plug Into a New Personal Best

best headphones for working out in new issue

Music puts people in motion, so getting a pair of quality wireless earbuds is vital to your fitness. We stacked up the options in our new issue to find the best sound-pumping earphones that are worth every Randela spent.

9. Overhaul Your Grooming Routine…

the mh 2023 grooming awards in new issue

Looking fresh can often feel like a futile pursuit. With a slew of grooming products occupying every shelf at your local pharmacy, it can be difficult to decide on the right potions and lotions to take your grooming to the next level. No stress—we put them all under the microscope to find the best. Our 2023 Grooming Awards in the new issue feature products to elevate every aspect of our outlook. These include the top trimmers to shore up your mo’ and moisturisers that’ll actually keep breakouts at bay.

10. …And Sample Vibrant Summer Scents

montblanc and guess fragrance samples in new issue

Heading out? Make sure you’re smelling fresh. Our new issue has you covered with quick-spritz samples of Montblanc’s and GUESS‘s best new fragrances. Montblanc Explorer Platinum channels the aura of an adventurous spirit, anchoring its fresh, summery notes with an anchor of woody body to evoke the ascension of an adventurer into the mountains. Then we have GUESS Uomo EDP a fragrance mixed to keep you present, blending moody dark woods, earthy cardamom, amber and sage to give you the confidence to seize every moment. Find samples of both these next-level fragrances in our new issue.

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