Introducing the Montblanc Explorer Platinum

by | Sep 11, 2023 | Grooming

For true explorers, the journey never ends. There are always new frontiers to conquer, boundaries to push, and heights to scale. Montblanc Explorer embodies the relentless spirit of adventure and the extraordinary landscapes that inspire explorers. It offers adventurers the chance to challenge their limits, just as they answer the call of the wild for new experiences. Now, the Explorer fragrance saga continues with Montblanc Explorer Platinum. Capturing the excitement and allure of high-altitude adventures through a potent woody fragrance and enhanced bottle design.

A Tale of Man and Mountain

Montblanc has a deep connection to mountains, named after Europe’s highest peak. The brand creates lifelong companions that inspire fearlessness. With products and designs inspired by the majestic beauty of mountains and glaciers. Montblanc Explorer Platinum continues this legacy, telling the thrilling story of the encounter between man and mountain.

An Olfactory Ascent

Montblanc Explorer Platinum
Montblanc Explorer Platinum

Platinum presents a fresh perspective on Montblanc Explorer, with a contemporary interpretation of woods, evoking the ascent into the mountains. Perfumers Bruno Jovanovic, Nathalie Lorson, and Fabrice Pellegrin craft a signature scent, built around noble woods, enlivened by vibrant Cypress and an airy, crisp accord, creating a bold and refined masculinity.

The fragrance opens with a burst of freshness, featuring Grapefruit, Violet Leaves, and Clary Sage essence. Amplified by an airy note reminiscent of snow and ice. Cedarwood Alaska and a blend of ambery notes provide a textural woodiness with hints of moss and musky woody notes, adding depth and richness.

An Adventure-Equipped Bottle

Montblanc Explorer
Montblanc Explorer Platinum

Montblanc, synonymous with exploration, draws inspiration from its iconic Montblanc 1858 Geosphere timepiece, dedicated to the Seven Summit mountaineering challenge. The fragrance bottle sports a textured silver sleeve, hand-decorated with a Montblanc emblem. This sleeve is not only visually striking; moreover, it serves as a protective travel companion for adventurers, particularly in its 30ml travel size. The silver cap, shaped like the Montblanc emblem, enhances masculine elegance, and the outer box features a stylish tone-on-tone pattern, framing the Explorer lettering.

A Majestic Campaign

Montblanc Explorer Platinum
Photographer Mathieu César’s campaign visuals

Photographer Mathieu César’s campaign visuals capture the awe of nature’s power and the beauty of snow-capped peaks. Shot in the Italian Dolomites and the Messner Museum, the campaign is a tribute to the explorer, deeply moved and inspired by the mountain landscapes. The Messner Museum, with its futuristic architecture by Zaha Hadid, provides breathtaking views of the Dolomites and the Alps, the perfect backdrop for the Explorer’s journey.

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A Journey to New Heights

Montblanc Explorer Platinum is available in 100ml, 60ml, and 30ml travel-sized bottles. Explore more at

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