Play These 3 Videogames to Bust Stress and Achieve That Coveted Flow State

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Gear-Tech

For most guys, videogames are one of our go-to ways to unwind. Whether it’s dropping into a game of Fortnite, or loading up a Civilization save you’ve been playing since the mid-2000s, these stress-busting staples feel like an island of calm in the choppy waters of our busy lives.

But do these gaming sessions actually help loosen the strings? Or are some our more adrenaline-inducing squad drops into a battle royale pushing the needle into the red? While there are some studies that suggest that videogames can actually heighten your stress levels, there are many more that seem to suggest that regular gaming sessions can actually help us relax.

A University of Saskatchewan study found that videogames are a definite boon for our mental health. The research looked at adults between the ages of 18 to 55, analyzing their reactions to gaming sessions. What they found is that not only does this playtime have a long list of cognitive benefits, but—if you’re hoping online to join your mates—also provide an opportunity to socialise outside of a bar. More importantly: games give you a chance to escape, providing a moment of psychological detachment from the noise around you.

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The verdict: videogames could be an important part of your recovery—yes, it’s not all sleep, creatine and protein-heavy dinners (but you shouldn’t be gaming until dawn). Want to unwind? Try these three stressbusters tonight:

1. Tetris Effect

tetris effect

When you become totally, completely absorbed by a given task you enter what is called a “flow state”. In this state, your ego falls away, you’re hyper focused and every movement—and thought—follows the next with basically zero delay. People in a flow state tend to be able to regulate their emotions effectively, feel happier and the activities that they’re doing feel more enjoyable. Bottom line: you’re functioning at your prime.

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In an ideal world, that happens when you’re on the clock, flying through your work; but—more commonly—it’s the state you achieve when you’re engrossed with your hobbies, a great book or a videogame. But how do you achieve this flow state with minimal effort? Easy, choose the right game.

Tetris Effect is a modern iteration of this videogame classic. Combining slick animations, memorable tunes and more-ish gameplay, every element of this brick-busting caper are engineered to help you hit the “flow” every time you launch the game. There are 30 different stages, and each stage is tied to the beat of the music. Yeah, you’ll be in the groove from start to finish. Grab your copy HERE.

2. Crypt of the Necrodancer

crypt of the necrodancer

Rhythm games aren’t just limited to blocks, bricks and score bonuses. Crypt of the Necrodancer is a dungeon crawler that requires you to move and attack on beat to maximise your damage. It’s got a steep learning curve, so don’t expect to hit your “flow” from the first dungeon. However, every minute you spend mastering its mechanics is rewarded as you inch closer and closer to dominating your skeletal opponents with unparalleled rhythm. Head over HERE to snag a copy.

3. BPM: Bullets Per Minute

bullets per minute

The introduction of the battle royale shifted many shooter fans to the world of 100-player bloodbaths. However, there’s no reason your favourite genre can’t help you achieve a flow state. This rhythm-based shooter requires you to dispatch your foes on beat much like Crypt of the Necrodancer. The difference? You’ll still need to perfect your aim, so a “flow” state requires both audio and visual precision. Scoop it up HERE and knock off stress one beat (and shot) at a time.

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