Virtual Reality Isn’t Just Videogames – Here’s How VR Will Keep You Fit

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Gear-Tech


If you’re looking for a personal trainer, you won’t just find them at the gym. Many companies are serving up virtual workouts that will take you through your paces, analysing how well you perform. And the best part is that your digital coach doesn’t charge an hourly rate, or want you to feel his biceps.

Take Off

Your dreams of being an astronaut disappeared with your toy collection, but VR will give you a chance to explore the galaxy. The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum let visitors strap on VR headsets and travel into the great unknown on board the Ranger craft (that’s the one seen in Interstellar).

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Battling with vertigo or just a fear of spiders? Researchers are looking at how this new tech could help fight your phobias. Studies have shown that facing our fears is the quickest way to beat them.


The film industry is already cottoning on to the potential of VR immersion. A headset will transport you into the action. It won’t be long until you’re pissing yourself in a creaky room of a haunted cabin.


Saving up for plane tickets is hard work – so start by exploring your dream destination without leaving the couch. Virtual tours have evolved with VR giving you the full 360 of exotic locales. Best part? Your virtual view of the world will move with your head. You’ll find countless VR-ready tours at

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Sick of your old cycling route? New tech will let you hook up a bike trainer to your VR headset giving you the sensation of riding in another city – we’re talking Rome, Paris, you name it – without the risk of being T-boned by a manic motorist. It’ll up the resistance when you’re tackling a climb and dial it down for the descents. Never cycle in the same spot again. Find out more at

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