See How to Lose Weight With No Cardio

by | May 17, 2023 | Weight-Loss

If you’re looking to slash inches off your waistline, you might’ve been deterred from your weight-loss pursuits because of that old, dreaded cardio. While activities such as running will ramp up your heart rate, helping you torch calories with ease, you don’t need to log miles to start shedding pounds. Want to lose weight fast? No worries; you can get there without Strava.

Strength Training vs. Cardio for Weight Loss

Cardio, unsurprisingly, serves up an immediate burn – letting you put the candle to your kilojoule stores to achieve the deficit you need to lose weight. But weightlifters are onto something, too. Their belief: max out your muscle mass because those tin-shifting fibres will demand (and burn) more energy as they get bigger.

The reality is that neither fanatic is wrong. Dr. Andy Galpin, an assistant professor at California State University, Fullerton, told Men’s Health that ramping up your heart rate will dial up the energy inferno. But, so too will packing on muscle mass as you’ll end up torching more calories throughout the day.

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The bottom line is that if you want to lose weight fast, you’ll need to put in some work. While sure, you could achieve a deficit just by reducing how much you eat, it’s that fabled combo of exercise and eating well that’ll get you there most efficiently.

General recs for exercise stipulate that you’ll want to squeeze in around 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity daily. You can slice that window in half by opting for 75 of vigorous exertions instead. Some studies have shown that only around 53% of adults are doing the bare minimum.

In terms of whether you should do running or lifting? Doesn’t matter. What counts is what sticks. So, if playing Padel or going surfing helps you rack up those minutes of exercise, you’ll start losing weight just as fast. Consistency, after all, is key. 

Don’t Forget to Tweak Your Meal Plan

While you might be sick of hearing about “calories in, calories out” this fundamental equation is the secret behind weight loss. Exercise helps with the latter half, but you can maintain a healthy deficit by making small changes to what you’re shovelling into your mouth.

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However, if you’ve ever tried shrinking the digits, you know that a deficit often translates into feeling seriously hangry. Don’t stress; we’ve got you covered with a few tricks that will help you eat less but feel full at all times: 

1. Swap Dessert for Tea

If you’re the type who craves a sweet morsel after every meal, trade this calorie bomb for a calorie-zero drink like tea. Herbal varieties of this quick brew like rooibos will deliver the hint of sweetness your body wants without demolishing your weight loss goals.

2. Forget Pre-Drinks, Try Pre-Snacks Instead

If evenings out result in eating too much, noshing on a 200-calorie snack containing around 15 grams of protein before you head out could help rein in your appetite. A protein shake will do the trick, but protein or biltong will also check the right boxes. 

3. Start a Shopping List

Studies have found that those who shop on an empty stomach or more likely to pile their trolley with high-calorie treats. Making a list and sticking to it will make sure that you aren’t bringing home nothing but Chuckles at Kit Kats. 

4. Change Your Plate

Shrinking your plates can deceive your mind into thinking you’re chowing down on a bigger meal. One study found that mini-sized crockery will almost always make your portions seem larger, helping you feel full even when you’re scaling down your portion sizes. Research has also found that trading out for smaller utensils can help you achieve the same waist-cinching mental gymnastics.

5. Hydrate Between Mouthfuls

Sipping water after every morsel will help you feel full. Even better, staying hydrated has countless proven health benefits, so this good habit will do double duty on your waistline and general well-being.

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