Aphelele Fassi: A Rising Star in South African Rugby

by | Feb 14, 2024 | Entertainment

Aphelele Fassi, hailing from the vibrant town of Qonce in South Africa, has swiftly become a household name in the world of rugby. Known for his versatility, agility, and electrifying presence on the field, Fassi’s journey from Dale College to donning the Springboks green and gold jersey is nothing short of remarkable.

Fassi’s debut for South Africa against Georgia in 2021, where he scored a remarkable try with his first touch of the ball, marked the beginning of a promising international career. Despite primarily featuring as a fullback, Fassi has showcased his adaptability by starting his Test career on the wing.

Since his debut for the Sharks in the Currie Cup in 2018, Fassi has been a standout performer, rapidly rising through the ranks of South African rugby. His natural talent, dedication, and commitment to continuous improvement have made him a prominent figure in both club and international rugby.

Off the field, Fassi is equally passionate about making a positive impact in communities and inspiring the next generation. Through coaching clinics and initiatives to provide equipment to aspiring players, he strives to give back and nurture the talent of tomorrow.

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In this exclusive interview with Men’s Health, Fassi shares insights into his career, his commitment to community upliftment, and the mindset that drives his success both on and off the rugby pitch.

Men’s Health: How has your versatility in playing both fullback and wing positions contributed to your success in the rugby world?

Aphelele: I think playing both positions has enriched my understanding of the game and enhanced my versatility on the field. Surprisingly, there isn’t much of a difference in roles between the two positions.

Can you elaborate on your journey from matriculating at Dale College to becoming a prominent figure in South African rugby?

I began in 2018 playing in the SuperSport challenge, where I soaked up invaluable advice from coaches and seasoned players. Hard work on my strengths and weaknesses was pivotal in my progress.

How did your debut for the Sharks in the Currie Cup in 2018 pave the way for your rapid rise in the rugby ranks?

The Currie Cup provided a solid platform for young talents like myself to showcase our skills. Transitioning from Currie Cup to Super Rugby was a significant leap in intensity and physicality.

Aphelele at training. Image by: Howard Cleland

Apart from your on-field achievements, what initiatives or activities do you undertake off the field to make a positive impact in communities and among youth?

I’m passionate about giving back to the community, particularly through coaching clinics and providing equipment like old boots to aspiring players who may not afford them.

How do you balance your commitments to both the Sharks and the South African ‘Springboks’ National Team, considering the demands of professional rugby?

While the commitments are similar, the international stage demands a higher level of adaptability. As a player, I strive to meet the elevated demands of representing my country.

Given your debut try for South Africa against Georgia, could you discuss the significance of that moment in your career and its impact on your confidence and performance?

Scoring on my debut was a confidence booster, especially in a new international setting. I’m always eager to learn from my teammates and improve my game.

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In what ways do you prioritise fitness and health to maintain peak performance on the rugby field?

Recovery is paramount in rugby, so I prioritise gym sessions three times a week, ice baths after intense training, and ample stretching. Nutrition also plays a vital role in keeping me at my best.

Mental well-being is crucial in high-pressure sports environments. How do you approach mental health and resilience in the face of challenges and setbacks?

Mental well-being is indeed crucial, and I address it by acknowledging its importance and seeking support when needed. I develop plans to tackle challenges and setbacks, reminding myself that they are temporary.

As a role model for aspiring young rugby players, how do you inspire the next generation to pursue their goals and dreams, both within and outside of the sport?

I emphasise the importance of enjoying what you do and maintaining a mindset of continuous learning. Failure is part of the journey, and it’s where valuable lessons are learned.

Images by: Howard Cleland

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