4 Reasons You Feel Like You’re Never Hungry

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Food & Nutrition

For many of us, this writer included, those big end of workout meals are the motivation for adding an extra 10 reps. However, even the most feast-obsessed among us sometimes go through hunger slumps where we just can’t summon up the energy to eat. So, why is it that sometimes those meals don’t look appealing? Is this dip in appetite a sign that something is off? Or, are is not being hungry sometimes just normal?

Hunger is, um, fed by many different factors. So the appeal of your next meal can depend on a variety of things. In the short term, a slight loss in appetite shouldn’t be cause for alarm. You might’ve had a stressful morning or tucked into a bigger lunch than you usually do. For guys, especially in today’s busy times, this is all too common. However, there’s another side of this story where things start to get scary.

Sometimes, a loss of appetite could be the first symptoms of a medical condition. Left unchecked, your situation could worsen, so it’s important to know when a lack of hunger is a signal fire for an underlying problem. Take a tour through our checklist of common reasons you might not be hungry to see if your loss of appetite is a temporary dip or you’re standing on the edge of a cliff.

1. Common Colds and Infections Can Cause Hunger Loss

If you’ve had a summer cold, loss of appetite is a common symptom. White blood cells release something called cytokines to fend off infections. While they’ll help you stay alive, these chemicals can also tank your hunger levels. That’s why many guys shed weight when they’re feeling under the weather.

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Stress and Anxiety Can Affect Your Hunger Levels

Some guys feast to combat stress, but others have no interest in piling up their plates. Stress can wreak havoc on your body, releasing adrenaline which can—at least temporarily—tank your hunger. However, once that bout of stress turns into round-the-clock anxiety, your body will usually flood your body with the stress hormone cortisol which will usually spike your appetite.

2. Medication Can Hurt Your Appetite

If you’re on prescription meds, there’s a chance that these pills are affecting your hunger levels. Many meds can cause nausea, diarrhea, or stomach pain—just check the prescription warning labels. Loss of appetite is a common side-effect for stronger doses.

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3. The Weather Can Change Your Eating Habits

It’s no suprise people prefer to snack on lighter meals during the warmer months. It’s also not uncommon for some guys to skip certain meals all together when the mercury rises. That’s because your body generates heat when you’re wolfing down food, so it’s only natural that you might feel less motivated to chow down when it’s sweltering.

4. You Might Still be Full

A big meal can take a while to digest. So, if you’re inclined to dig in more at certain times of the day, it might be worth recalibrating your plate real estate to avoid future hunger dips. Ideally, each meal should consist of 30 grams of protein and 10 grams of fibre. This will make sure that you feel fed but not full. And you’ll be more likely to be ready to eat during the next meal time.






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