The Rise and Rise of Ghanaian Musician, Stonebwoy

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Stonebwoy is the CEO of Burniton Music Group and won the Best International Act: Africa category at the 2015 BET Awards and Artist of the Year at the 2015 Ghana Music Awards. Described as the king of reggae and dance hall in Africa, his also an actor, having appeared in the movies Happy Death Day and My name is Ramadan.

In May last year, an announcement was released with much fan anticipation that the multi-award-winning artiste had signed a global deal with Universal Music Group label divisions Def Jam Recordings, 0207 Def Jam and Def Jam Africa. Def Jam Africa, which launched in 2020, now represents his music across Africa, while Def Jam Recordings is his label home in the US.

Music aside, Stonebwoy is a philanthropist with a registered charity named The Livingstone Foundation, which provides workshops across Ghana for the less fortunate and those with disabilities.

A new era begins for the superstar – and for Stonebwoy nothing will ever be the same. Now, fresh from his electrifying Afro Nation performance in Ghana, Stonebwoy reveals his inspiration, iconic Afro Nation performance, fitness regimen, and next chapter. 

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Men’s Health: Who is Stonebwoy and how would you describe yourself?

Stonebwoy: I am a young African from Ghana. A musical revolutionary,

Leader of the BHIMNATION, a father, a friend, a brother and the people’s HERO. I like to consider myself a pioneer of Afrodancehall. 

What inspired you to be a musician?

Music chose me before I realized it. It’s a calling, to be honest. So I’m inspired by everything in life that makes me want to convert it into music. I am also inspired by other musicians.

Take us through your performance at Afro Nation and what that meant for you as an artist to perform on that stage in your home country. 

Afro Nation is home to me. The performance in Ghana was my 3rd time on the Afro Nation stage. Afro Nation is one of the biggest festivals I have performed at. It brings me so much joy and I love the fact that it celebrates African culture, music and art. Performing on that stage in December was a reminder that it’s possible, that we are moving forward as Africans and opening doors for up-and-coming artists. The stage was just basically showing the world what we can produce and our production is on the world stage level.

stonebwoy performing at afronation
Image by: Michaeltubescreations

What is your current fitness regimen and nutrition plan to stay in shape?

Press ups, bench presses and dawn bells. I eat really simple, which includes one heavy meal a day and lots of natural juices and water – with all my natural supplements. 

Time is a factor when working out, and it can sometimes be a deterrent for many, how are you able to manage the demands of your career and at the same time be able to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle?

It’s incorporated into my lifestyle anyway, so it’s natural at this point although I must admit sometimes I do get tired and I feel lazy to do anything. You got to keep pushing to reach the end goal. 

What is the one thing you do and never skip in your workout routine?

Push-ups at least once a day 

Why is it important for you to stay fit and healthy?

Life is the ultimate, and health is wealth therefore making sure one picks up healthy fitness and eating habit is just a plus for a fit body and when your body is fit so is your mind and spirit.

Wellness goes hand in hand with mental well-being. How do you take care of your mental well-being?

For a public figure like myself, it’s really very tough. Part of our life is being out there in the media where people throw anything at us. There’s a saying that goes “a ripe mango suffers a lot of sticks and stones because everyone wants to have it.” I am thankful that I have my family for support and that support structure keeps me sane. My passion and mission to deliver good quality music also assist me to stay focused. 

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What’s next for Stonebwoy in 2023? 

I am going to drop the biggest album ever from Ghana. I will be touring and working with my foundation to make the world a better place. 

Fire Questions:

  • The workout you dread? Weight lifting 
  • Greatest musician of all time? Osibisa band from Ghana 
  • What’s your favourite place you’ve visited? My countryside beach 
  • Your go-to workout song? Tuff Seed by Stonebwoy 
  • Best way to unwind? Travel into the greens or go to the beach and be alone whilst enjoying nature.
  • What would you do if you weren’t a musician? A military general 

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