These Are The Beers That Are Best For You Because No One Wants A Beer Belly

by | Oct 2, 2012 | Nutrition

All too often, beer drinking equals beer belly. Track the kilojoules in your favourite brand and imbibe accordingly.

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Kilojoules (calculated per 100ml)

Castle Light 125
Hansa Pilsener 135
Guinness Original 155
Carling Black Label 165
Castle Lager 165
Peroni 165
Amstel Lager 167
Heineken 174
Castle Milk Stout 210

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Carbohydrates (calculated per 100ml)

Castle Light 1.9
Hansa Pilsener 1.87
Guinness Original 3.2
Carling Black Label 2.3
Castle Lager 3.0
Peroni 3.3
Amstel Lager 2.9
Heineken 3.2
Castle Milk Stout 4.6

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Alcohol (calculated per 100ml)

Castle Light 4.0
Hansa Pilsener 4.5
Guinness Original 4.2
Carling Black Label 5.5
Castle Lager 5.0
Peroni 5.1
Amstel Lager 5.0
Heineken 5.0
Castle Milk Stout 6.0

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If you do not drink alcohol – do not start! However, if you choose to drink – consult our MH Guide To Beer Drinking and do it sensibly, by limiting intake to no more than 2 drinks per day for men and 1 drink per day for women.

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