New Sex Survey Reveals the Top Turn-Ons (And Offs)

by | Apr 20, 2023 | Sex & Love

Sharing what gets you going can feel like tricky subject matter. After all, even if you have a long-term partner, you can never be certain how they might receive info about your deepest desires. But the climate is shifting, with more and more people willing to leave it all on the table, a new sex survey has revealed.

OnePoll for LELO conducted research wherein they quizzed 2,000 people on their biggest turn-ons and offs. But the survey also dived into their willingness to speak candidly about these preferences. As it turns out, 74% are likely to disclose their desires and a further 64% won’t beat around the bush when it comes to discussing what can sour the mood.

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Additionally, and unsurprisingly, most participants were far more comfortable discussing their turn-ons with a partner, with 75% of those surveyed considering this conversation an important milestone in their relationships. But it’s not all rosy.

Despite unparalleled levels of openness, a fifth of the Americans who took part in the sex survey admitted they judged people based on their turn-ons. A further 1 in 7 feared receiving the same reaction when they shared theirs. And, to make matters worse, one in six of those in relationships admitted that their partner was completely unaware of their turn-ons.

LELO’s chief marketing officer Luka Matutinovic told SWNS Digital that honest communication in a relationship is crucial. “Of course, there is always a bit of reluctance when it comes to the most intimate topics, and talking about someone’s turn-ons and turn-offs is one of them.” He adds that opening up the conversation can lead to more trust, confidence and respect.

What’s Getting People Going?

Of course, the polls weren’t just centred around these conversations, but also about tracking the most common turn-ons and turn-offs amongst those who took part in the sex survey. The number one turn-on? Foreplay. More than 50% of participants placed this vital pre-coitus dance at the top of their lists. Neck kisses (41%) and being a good kisser (38%) rounded up the podium—a strong sign that your lips are often doing most of the heavy lifting. 

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In fourth place? Your partner telling you “I like that” (26%). Words of affirmation can go a long way in the bedroom, so it’s important to be vocal. Finally, rounding up the list, 21% said that having their partner undress them was a major turn-on.

What’s Ruining the Mood?

On the other end of the spectrum, the biggest turn-off for 60% of participants was poor hygiene. No surprise that bad BO, grimy fingernails and oily hair aren’t exactly going to put your partner in the mood. Second on the list was talking about your ex (33%), followed by being flirty with other people (31%), eating with your mouth open (23%) and being cocky (20%). 

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The good news? These turn-offs are easy to solve, requiring nothing more than a long shower, self-control and a little bit of introspection. It also highlights why it’s so important to discuss these topics because, left unaddressed, they can spell disaster for even the most rock-solid of unions. 

Of course, preferences do change—sometimes from one day to the next. Matutinovic tells SWNS Digital that’s why it’s important to have these types of conversations regularly.

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