The Do’s and Don’ts of Having Good Sex in the Shower

by | Feb 15, 2023 | Sex & Love

Sex in the shower kills two birds with one stone, it gives you pleasure and you can get clean immediately after.  After a few too many, it seems like a great idea. Here, sex therapist, Dr Marianne Brandon shows you how to handle shower sex.

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  • Make foreplay the main event and treat sex as a quickie. Uncomfortable positions won’t last as long that way, and you’re less likely to slip and twist an ankle.
  • Keep the hand towels nearby if her knees or other parts require padding when having sex in the shower.
  • Hand her the showerhead, if it’s detachable. Once she sets the temperature and flow, take over so her hands are free.
  • Use standing rear entry. You both stay on your feet and she can bend over for the best angle when having sex in the shower.


  • Use the water as a lubricant – it washes away her natural lubrication. 
  •  Offer her an “all over” wash with the hotel’s shower gel. Getting soapy is fine but can irritate if the wash becomes too intimate.
  • Use the shower rail for balance. Spreading your feet against the tub’s sides or positioning yourselves in a corner is far more secure.
  • Try to lift her. You simply can’t trust your proprioception at this hour.

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