Find Out How This Guy Lost 40kg By Ditching His Bad Habits

by | Nov 21, 2023 | Weight-Loss

A life of gluttony. That was a distinct, long, snack-filled chapter in Shaine Dyers’ life. “I was eating and drinking anything and everything I could get my hands on,” admits the owner of UniQ Industries. “I was oblivious to the number of calories I was eating every day.” This mindless scoffing plagues many of us, with Harvard Medical School researchers revealing that a quarter of guys underestimate how many calories they’re chewing on. His bad habits were effectively erasing his efforts in the gym where he was still logging sessions most of the week.

The Wake-Up Call

Packing on the pounds, Dyers was struggling: “My blood pressure had skyrocketed, I was lethargic and I was experiencing sleep disturbances.” To make matters worse, he wasn’t happy with what he saw in the mirror. Despite being a confident guy, that reflection was enough to start eroding his self-esteem.

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The Change: Swapping Bad Habits for Solid Routines

Dyers missed being active—properly active. He shelved the excuses and started testing the limits. To hold himself accountable, he started signing up for cycling races and gruelling triathlons. That forced his hand, making him stay committed so that his goals were no longer optional but rather something on a calendar. “Smaller milestones were imperative in this journey and helped the [end goal] feel more obtainable,” he says.

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Before long, he was hitting up to six strong sessions per week, dividing his hours between cardio, HIIT workouts, weight training and strength and conditioning. And he wasn’t just shifting plates at the gym, his dinner plate also got a facelift. He cut out sugar and dairy, nixed alcohol from the menu and started counting calories with razor-sharp precision. “My approach was quality over quantity,” he says.

The Pay-Off: 40kg Lost (and Counting)

shaine dyers before and after

Dyers noticed an immediate boost to his overall health as the kilos melted away. “I also had consistently high
energy levels throughout the day. I was sleeping and resting better, too,” he says. His transformation has also opened a few doors, giving him the chance to model and work with brands like Bogart Man, Youthful Living, LIFTFIT and Nutricon. That’s the type of outcome only unwavering drive can secure, and Dyers kept his eyes on the try-line from day one.

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