Chad Le Clos: Unveiling the Journey of an Olympic Champion in ‘Born Racer’

by | Jul 17, 2023 | Entertainment

Having triumphed over a gruelling internal battle, olympic champion and our Fit at Any Age cover star,  Chad Le Clos is determined to prove that he is embarking on a new chapter rather than approaching his final lap.

Supported by Supersport‘s unwavering commitment to storytelling, Chad Le Clos’s documentary “Born Racer,” currently streaming on SS Variety 1. The documentary delves deep into the challenges, victories, and extraordinary sacrifices that accompany a life dedicated to sports.

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In a breathtaking turn of events on July 31, 2012, the swimming world bore witness to an extraordinary upset. A 19-year-old prodigy named Chad Le Clos accomplished the unimaginable by defeating the legendary American swimmer, Michael Phelps, at the London Olympics. Le Clos emerged victorious in the 200m Fly, a race Phelps had not lost for over a decade.

This triumph catapulted Chad into the limelight, transforming him into a household name. Not just in his native South Africa but also within the global swimming community. Adorned with a gold medal around his neck, he briefly savoured a sense of fulfilment, believing he had obtained everything he had ever desired.

“It’s like a drug. It’s the greatest drug on earth. It’s a double-edged sword though,” reflected Chad, capturing the intoxicating ecstasy of victory and its intricate complexities.

Over the subsequent four years, Chad Le Clos evolved into the golden boy of international swimming. He dominated nearly every competition he entered. Securing lucrative sponsorships, and entered the 2016 Rio Olympics as the overwhelming favourite expected to secure multiple gold medals.

Chad Le Clos: Unveiling the Journey of an Olympic Champion in 'Born Racer'
Image by: Mine Kasapoglu

Yet, the outcome in Rio did not align with Chad’s aspirations, leaving him empty-handed in terms of gold medals. This perceived setback propelled him on a journey to reclaim his title at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Olympic gold had become intricately intertwined with his happiness. Driving him to relentlessly pursue that exhilarating sensation and the fervent admiration he craved.

But what if that coveted gold medal never materializes? What happens when the world suddenly turns upside down? In the face of such uncertainties, what truly defines success?

Through intimate and candid conversations with Chad, his family, and his inner circle, “Born Racer” chronicles four years in the life of an Olympic champion. Spanning countries such as the United Kingdom, Turkey, Australia, Germany, the Middle East, and Japan. The documentary accompanies Chad on his arduous journey through a global pandemic and numerous world sporting events. Unveiling over 60 hours of cherished family VHS footage, this unfiltered narrative delves into Chad’s past unravels the humble origins of his family, and ultimately sheds light on the qualities required for success as a South African in the modern realm of global sports, where the gap between available resources widens with each passing year.

Fundamentally, this is a tale that delves into the enduring power of family, the essence of love, and the quest to define happiness on one’s own terms. Grab a copy of our July/Aug issue here.

Watch the Chad le Clos documentary ‘Born Racer’ on SuperSport

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