Here Are 8 Reasons To Grab Our New Fit at Any Age Collector’s Edition

by | Jul 12, 2023 | Magazines

If the studies are to be believed, we’re getting weaker. And that’s bad news for your health because overall strength is one of the best predictors of your long-term well-being. However, this steady decline in brawn isn’t inevitable; with the right habits, workouts and mindset you can truly be fit at any age. The proof? Our new issue, which you can find on shelves right now.

With three different cover icons showcasing strength across the decades, our special collector’s editions explore what it takes to thrive no matter how many years you have on the clock. Mind, body and soul—consider this his blueprint for timeproof success.

1. Tap Into Timeless Springbok Strength

stefan terblanche

If you’re a rugby fan, you’re instantly recognise Stefan Terblanche as a player with serious staying power. With hundreds of caps under his belt for both the Springboks and some of the top teams across the world, he isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Now 48, he’s ready to enter his fifties feeling better than ever. But what does it take to bring the fight to Father Time? We sat down with the rugby legend to unearth the secrets behind his longevity, endurance and success.

2. Hack Your Age With Thapelo Mokoena

thapelo mokoena

He’s one of the country’s top actors, a film producer and a business owner. While he might already have 20 years of experience in front of the camera, Thapelo Mokoena considers these early decades his warm-up. The actor is ready to embrace the Golden Years, putting in hard work and fueling his passions to make waves as an entrepreneur, entertainer and father figure.

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3. Get Behind the Scenes of Chad Le Clos’ Epic Comeback

chad le clos

Olympian great Chad le Clos is staging the ultimate comeback, rising above some serious mental struggles to re-engineer his performance in the pool. While he might be 31, he believes that time can’t slow him down. We dive deep in the pool with Chad to find out why true talent doesn’t have an expiration date.

4. Maximum Muscle With Minimal Effort

big workout

Forget the complex rep counts and constantly rotating workouts—building muscle doesn’t need to be complicated. Our Big Workout is your zero-BS, stupidly simple manual to adding mass and torching calories with as little effort as possible.

5. Upgrade Your Workout Armoury

fitness awards

Legendary workouts demand legendary tools, so we roped in our resident gear expert to compile a list of the ultimate workout products to give your fitness routine the bump it deserves. From cold-weather apparel to sweat-resistant earbuds, our shopping list will kit you out in the latest and greatest.

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6. Forge Real Mental Grit

are you mentally fit?

Power up your mind with practical lessons that’ll help you thrive in your relationships, workplace and beyond. Our bumper feature will arm you with an emotional toolkit fit for any situation. Plus, we tapped the experts to find out what they read, listen to and watch to keep their brains firing on all cylinders.

7. Embrace the New Anti-Diet for Hungry Men

anti-diet hungry men

Fad diets? Forget them. This revolutionary approach strips away all the nonsense to give you a foolproof approach to planning out your meals. Just follow our three steps and you’ll start burning through flab with ease.

8. Nail the Dress Code for Any Kind of Wedding

wedding style guide

Wedding dress codes can be tough to navigate, especially when it feels like new variations are cropping up every season. No worries—the struggle is over. We roped in a top fashion ed to piece together versatile outfits that are fit for any occasion. Bonus: we searched far and wide for the best scents (and watches) to give your look that final, ceremonial flourish.

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