Do Women Care About The Size Of Your Balls??

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Sex & Love

Where On Their Bodies Do Women Wish Men Would Spend More Time? – Victor

That’s a good question: the best (and most memorable) lovers are adventurers who explore a woman’s body with awe, charting new territory on undiscovered skin. Vary touch as well as location – there is nothing as torturous as the same pressure rubbed repeatedly over the same spot. A gentle series of nibbles down her side might elicit the same gasps as fingernails dragged up the backs of her thighs. And overlook nothing – sensitive palms, like mine, love a gentle touch, which means even hand holding can be an unrivalled experience.

Help! I’m In Her Friend Zone. How Can I Escape? – Marcus

With difficulty. If time has lapsed – chances are you’ve been categorised. Many guys fantasise that, by acting as a friend or romantic counsellor, they’re getting a backstage pass into her heart (or her bed). This only works in rom-coms. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my friends regretfully say, “Why can’t guys just be friends?” The best thing to do is be upfront with your feelings. Too late? Treat her like a woman, not a friend – act like a gentleman and (subtly) flirt a little. Also, don’t be blind to the signs that the feelings aren’t reciprocated. Quit while you’re ahead if you want to save the friendship.

Can You Improve Sexual Chemistry? – Gino

To be a competent and skilled lover, sex takes practice. Potentially awkward moments – teeth clashing, bra fumbling, rhythm lacking – while not ideal, are forgivable in the beginning. But on the whole, you need to relax and stop trying too hard. She’ll pick up on any kind of judgement you’re employing, on yourself or her, because it takes you out of the moment and the physical connection.

Is There A Foolproof Flirting Strategy? – Moag

I Shelve the strategy and loosen up. This is about creating back-and-forth banter, not impressing her with a list of your accomplishments. Method aside, there are a few tips:

1) Make a connection, like lingering eye contact, before starting the conversation.

2) Act confidently in your surroundings, even if you’re not: chat to the barman, have a twinkle in your eye, appear relaxed.

3) She wants to feel like a co-conspirator, not a target. The more electric the banter, the stronger the sexual charge, no matter the topic.

4) Use your surroundings for tangential jump-off points: she already knows The Cranberries are playing; instead, tell her what the song makes you think of (“Ahh, The Cranberries, feels like my matric dance.”) Engage her and respond accordingly. By this stage, she should know this is more than idle chitchat, but relax and make it seem like that. What sets it apart is your positive vibe and the attention you pay to her and her only.

Do Women Care About The Size Of A Guy’s Balls? – Andile

It’s a package deal, right? When it came to penis size in our sex survey with Women’s Health magazine, 61% of the women surveyed (the obvious majority) described their partner’s penis as “about right”. That also sums up that we know they don’t all come out of the same mould.

What Should – And Shouldn’t – I Say Before I Orgasm? Is There Something In Particular That She Wants To Hear? – Chris

Say my name, dammit! No, just kidding. Especially if her name is actually Sarah. We do like the the personal recognition, but saying a name you might be vaguely unsure of is obviously to be avoided. It’s no joke: I was also going to say, “don’t overthink it”, but I’m pretty sure in the moment you’re not. So avoid all matriarchal terms (momma, mommy) and referring to yourself in the third person. Talking dirty is preferable to something formal, and while a simple “I’m coming” will do the trick (although we usually know) – breathless enthusiasm tops getting too creative because, hopefully, she’s as lost in the moment as you are.

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