Create The Perfect Night

by | Apr 8, 2013 | Sex & Love


Chances are you’re going to get some sun on your summer holiday. Nivea Aftersun Spray (R50 Clicks) provides a fine, cool mist, that soothes and feels amazing on naked, sun-kissed skin.


Orange blossom is said to be an aphrodisiac for women, which may explain its presence in many male fragrances. The legend goes that orange flowers were traditionally used to scent bridal bouquets, and neroli perfume was “prescribed” to brides on their white-wedding night. Stock up on Shunga Intimate Kisses Massage Oil Orange Fantasy (R224, and learn how to give her a massage.


Wish she’d leave the light on? Set the mood. Hotel rooms in particular often lack flattering lighting, so pack a fragrant candle that doubles as massage oil. The Senze Massage Candles use all-natural, aphrodisiac herbs and transforms into a sensual massage oil that pours easily from the candle’s lip (R214


Make any journey more entertaining. Slip this audio CD into your playlist on your next roadtrip together: Between The Sheets: A Collection of Erotic Bedtime Stories (R238,


Some foods satisfy more than just her appetite. While you’re entertaining, bring out the guacamole – avocado contains vitamin B6 which is believed to increase male hormone production. And, believe it or not, asparagus, which is in season, contains potassium, phosphorous, calcium and vitamin E, that help stimulate both of your sexual juices.


So it might not be one of your senses, but adding some fun to the relationship – whether it’s new and you’re getting to know each other, or have been together for a while – shouldn’t be overlooked either. And this tongue-in-cheek Twister Beach Towel is sure to get a rise out of her (and you, hopefully). R290,

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