The 7 Best Backup UPS to Stay Connected During Loadshedding

by | Apr 6, 2023 | Gear-Tech

With many of us working from home, having a reliable back-up power supply that’ll keep your internet online is practically mandatory. The bad news? Loadshedding is here to stay. The good news? UPS for home devices that’ll keep your router, modem and even a trusty lamp powered up have become more affordable than ever.

But with so many offerings (and nearly as many duds) it can be hard to find a device that’ll survive prolonged blackouts—especially when we start dipping into that dreaded stage 6 territory. We screened the candidates to help find the best budget-friendly back-up power units available right now:


1. Elecstor 18W Mini DC UPS 12000mAh

Elecstor 18W Mini DC UPS 12000mAh - 38WH

With 4.5-hour windows of zero electricity, you need to grab a UPS that’ll keep you connected for the full stretch (and recharge in just in time for the next plunge into darkness). This one is not only sleek but features a massive battery that’s built to withstand protracted periods of powerlessness. Customers report squeezing upwards of six hours of online time out of this device – provided you’re only plugging in the bare minimum of a router/modem combo.

2. PowerUp Mini UPS 8800mAh DC

PowerUp Mini UPS 8800mAh DC for Router / Modem

With this device, safety—and ensuring the survival of your trusty router—is a top priority. Besides enduring battery life, it features over-charge, over-discharge and short-circuit protection. Dependable? Definitely. Plus, some customers report achieving 12 hours of online time from the device.


3. Gizzu 8800mAh Mini UPS Dual DC

gizzu ups

This offering stands out thanks to its low-profile design and reliable performance. It’s easy to set up, and customers report 4.5 hours of uptime during those “Stage 4” blues. 

4. NETOGY Mini 14400mAh DC UPS / Power Bank

NETOGY Mini 14400mAh DC UPS Power Bank

This offering stands out because it functions as a hybrid UPS and a power bank (thanks to USB ports), giving you next-level versatility in a small package. It’s also a heavyweight, packing power capacity of 100W—enough to keep multiple devices juiced up during almost any stage of loadshedding.

5. Lalela Wifi Router UPS

Lalela Wifi Router UPS

Like the other products on this list, this UPS will automatically jump in when the power cuts to give you uninterrupted internet access. It boasts more than eight hours of uptime, so even if we cross into that fabled “stage 10” loadshedding territory, you should be able to keep working (or doom-scrolling through Eskom’s Twitter replies).

6. Vizia WiFi UPS 57,000mWh 5-24V Mini DC Backup Battery Power UPS

Vizia WiFi UPS

Reliable power in a small package? Vizia’s device checks all the boxes. Capable of powering three separate devices at once, you can even use this to keep CCTV cameras online for added security during those blackout hours. It also boasts a six- to eight-year lifespan, so you can definitely think of this as a futureproof investment.

Worth the Splurge?

7. Mecer 1000VA Line Interactive UPS


If you’ve lost more than your fair share of spreadsheets, projects and other digital efforts to Eskom’s unpredictable loadshedding schedule, this device will be your saving grace. While it carries a heavy price tag, it’s powerful enough to keep a desktop computer online for 15-20 minutes – just enough time to hit the “Save” button and shoot off one final email. 

Bonus: it can also be used to power your modem/router combo for a few hours. But if you’re just looking for a device to stay online, you’re better off opting for one of the other products on this list.

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