The Average Penis Length Is Growing, According to a New Study

by | May 12, 2023 | Sex & Love

A study published in February in The World Journal of Men’s Health found that the average penis length has increased. And it’s increased a whopping 24 percent over the last three decades. Woah!

The study was led by Dr Michael Eisenberg, a urology professor at Stanford Medicine and male fertility and sexual function specialist. The meta-analysis complied data from over 75 studies done between 1942 and 2021. In fact, they gathered measurements of the erect penises of over 55 000 men all over the world. 

The findings were astounding. “Erect length increased significantly over time in several regions of the world and across all age groups, while no trends were identified in other penile size measurements,” says the study.

Penis length also showed variation by geographic region. The data was then controlled for region, subject age and subject population. It was concluded that the average penis length increased by 24 percent over the last 29 years. 

Eisenberg told Stanford Medicine’s Scope blog that he believes this is a “relatively short amount of time” for this much of a change to happen. “Any overall change in development is concerning, because our reproductive system is one of the most important pieces of human biology. If we’re seeing this fast of a change, it means that something powerful is happening to our bodies,” he said.

In the article, Eisenberg said chemical exposure could be interacting with our hormone makeup, which could be one of the many reasons this biological change in occurring. More work needs to be done to confirm exactly why. Eisenberg says next steps may include similar research to look for biological changes in the reproductive systems of female and child populations.

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Words by: Cori Ritchey & Men’s Health Staff

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