This Macaroni And Cheese Recipe Has Half The Calories Of A Traditional One

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Nutrition, Recipes

Want an artery-friendly macaroni cheese and recipe? Don’t copy the Americans and definitely don’t dig out that old recipe that’s been passed down for generations.

Fast food can be healthy with MH’s 15 minute meals that support your body both inside and out.

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American versions of the ultimate steak side can pack an artery-stuffing 150 grams of cheese: the fat equivalent of two Big Macs, or a seriously intensive hour-long cardio session’s worth of graft.

Skip the bad stuff and keep the flavour by blending the flesh of a roasted butternut with garlic, plain yoghurt and one handful of punchy mature cheddar. You keep the orange colour and rich cheesy flavour, but shave off 70 grams fat while you’re at it.

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We bet you were thinking we were about to send you off to a health shop to stock up nutritional yeast to achieve that cheesy flavour. But no, you’ll still be using cheddar cheese, we’ve just found a way to hack the sauce so that you don’t have to use so much of us. And with the price of cheese constantly increasing, your wallet will thank us for that, too. Plus, by adding in the butternut, you’ll be getting in extra vegetables that you wouldn’t be getting if you just slapped some cheese sauce on top of macaroni.

And if you’re really trying to go the extra mile with this macaroni and cheese recipe you can always opt for a healthier pasta option. Happy Earth People’s Chickpea Pasta is high in protein and fibre and gluten-free.

This chickpea pasta comes in a 1kg bag so you'll be sorted for a while!

A traditional Mac ‘n’ Cheese could set you back 5 170 Kilojoules (1240 calories) for one meal but our improved MH Mac ‘n’ Cheese shaves off half of these digits, coming int at 2 585 Kilojoules (620 calories).

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