8 Winning Reasons to Grab Our Stacked Olympics Issue

by | Jul 11, 2024 | Promotions

A champion’s mindset is something we should all strive towards. Elite athletes train with relentless dedication, thrive under immense pressure and achieve glory against impossible odds. In the weeks leading up to the Olympic Games in Paris (which kick off on 26 July 2024), we’re dedicating our new issue to the greatest sports spectacle on earth, and the SA competitors who will keep us glued to our screens for the Games’ packed schedule.

On our pages, you won’t just get insight into what it takes to train your body and steel your mind for this monolithic competition, but we’ll also arm you with the tools to engineer your champion mindset. The best part? The new issue is on shelves (and available online) right now here.

Take your fitness, health and mental fortitude to elite levels—here are eight reasons you should grab our new issue:

1. Go Beyond Your Goals

8 Winning Reasons to Grab Our Stacked Olympics New Issue

South African legend Akani Simbine is a world-class sprinter who has hit next-level form this year. In other words, he’s got the talent, speed and grit to clinch a spot on the podium in Paris. We sat down and spoke to the track-and-field star for an inside look into what it takes not just to chase the dream, but also to turn it into a reality. Bottom line: you’ll feel inspired to crush your goals.

2. Feast Like a Champion

8 Winning Reasons to Grab Our Stacked Olympics New Issue

Forget meal prep, it’s time to overhaul your snacking. Our A-to-Z guide will give you everything you need to whip up healthy, protein-packed morsels that’ll get you back to firing on all cylinders. The recipes are simple, the ingredients are affordable and the results are pure power food.

3. Upgrade Your Workouts

8 Winning Reasons to Grab Our Stacked Olympics New Issue

Every year ushers in a near-endless supply of gym gear promising to renovate your reps. However, settling on the right tech to top up your at-home armoury can feel like a daunting task. No stress; we’ve done the heavy lifting (both physically and mentally) to scout out the top fitness picks for 2024. From versatile dumbbells and high-tech treadmills to sweatproof headphones and five-a-side football boots, use our hit list to hit a new fitness high.

4. Keep Good Time

8 Winning Reasons to Grab Our Stacked Olympics New Issue

A luxury watch is a statement piece that’s equal parts practical and eye-pleasing. But not all timepieces are made equal. We dive deep into the world of modern timekeeping machinery to give you a breakdown of the best watches that do more than just keep good time. From connected options that’ll sync with your phone to sturdy chronographs that can survive the harshest conditions. Looking for a sign to upgrade? The time is now.

5. Train for Any Purpose

8 Winning Reasons to Grab Our Stacked Olympics New Issue

In pursuit of six-pack abs? Want to pick up the pace on the tarmac? Seeking to supersize your arms? We’ve got workouts fit for any purpose. With a pick-and-mix of PT-approved routines, you’ll have the right moves to help you strive towards any goal.

6. Hack Your Diet

From brain-boosting snack bars to pulverized super greens, supermarket shelves are packed with foods that promise to enhance or even extend your life. But can you bio-hack your diet? Our writer went on a quest to separate health from hype, trialing the latest and greatest superfoods you can find right now.

7. Reinvent Breakfast

Your body functions best when you’re eating enough protein. Your day works best when you start with a flavourful, macro-packed meal. We’re here to help you re-engineer your early morning feast with 30 recipes that’ll snag you liberal helpings of protein, flavour and more.

8. Become a Contender

With Hyrox finally set to take place in SA (the Cape Town event squares off on 21 September), it’s time to get your head in the game to conquer this new breed of competition. This comp combines running and functional training to truly put your body to the test. Not only will you get contest-ready in just four weeks, but you’ll build the sort of physique that’s got mileage beyond notching a new high score. Ready to sign up for Hyrox Cape Town? Tap HERE to snag your entry.

Get the new July/Aug issue on shelves now or digitally, here.

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