The First Date Is Everything: Don’t Mess It Up

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Sex & Love

You can’t light a lifelong fire without a little spark. Make sure your first touch is a roaring success.


You’d pick a restaurant to suit her tastes, the more expensive the better. But the result? Dry conversation, a few awkward glances and a waiter who keeps interrupting anytime you guys start to click.

It’s stiff, it’s claustrophic, neither of you are feeling comfortable and after a while you’re just worrying about the bill. It’s just not going to work out.


Have you heard of the Pizza Technique? No, we’re not talking about calling for a delivery. This is when you divide the date into slices so it never gets stale. Pick spots that are new to both of you. Start with tapas at the local Cuban spot, skip over to the beachfront bar, play a round ofputt putt, then finish with dessert at that ice cream place you’ve always wanted to try. The emphasis is on variety, not peacocking with an expensive menu.

The result: you won’t be short on talking points, and the shared novelty will bring you closer together. You’re trying to create unique, memorable moments. What are the chances you’ll find those while waiting for a table at an overpriced eatery? Nada. Remember, it’s not just about the destination. How you get there is just as important; on foot or in an Uber, you’ll create opportunities for intimate conversations and closeness. Doing something new together will take away the pressure – you can focus on moment, and each other.

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