Your Crockery Might Actually Be The Reason You’re Not Losing Weight

by | Sep 10, 2012 | Weight-Loss

We’ve heard our fair share of ridiculous weight loss excuses and myths, but this one seems like the most outrageous. The twist? It might not be a myth at all; your crockery could make you fat.

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A Georgia Tech study found that people tend to take bigger helpings when their food is the same colour as the plate.

Study participants took 30% more Alfredo pasta when their dish was white than when it was a dark colour.

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Scientists believe that less colour contrast makes our brains work harder to figure out how much to serve.

Don’t believe us? It’s actual true! Several studies have found this too. Check out our 8 Weird But Completely Effective Weight Loss Tips, for the proof as well as 7 more tips.

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