Slow Down To Slim Down, It’s That Simple

by | Jun 25, 2014 | Weight-Loss

Fast eaters are often fat eaters. But which foods are most likely to be wolfed down?

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In a study in the journal Appetite, researchers gauged people’s eating rates for 35 foods. Here’s an appetiser:

slowdownFor most people, mindlessly wolfing down food has become part of the daily routine and this might be the reason you have been unable to lose weight.

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Eating slower and savouring each bite, even talking about the experience of eating and what senses each bite evokes tricks your body into getting fuller quicker because you actually have time to register the food you are taking in.

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If you’re someone who struggles to slow down in order to slim down, maybe try avoiding the foods that people devour fastest such as lasagne or smoked salmon.

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Or do it at least until you’ve implemented tools that can help you slow down to slim down. We recommened checking out these 8 weird but completely effective weight loss tips because trust us, they are some of the most bizarrely great tips we’ve come across.

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