6 Of The Most Common Shaving Myths Debunked

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Grooming

It’s myth-busting time and we’re here to help you separate the facts from fiction by debunking these popular shaving myths. We consulted the local experts in all things post-hair-removal care, FINO Cosmetics, to help you put your best face forward.

1. Shaving Will Make Your Hair Grow Back Faster And Thicker

Myth. When you shave, you only get rid of the hair on the surface of your skin. But this process has no effect on your hair’s colour or thickness; that’s controlled by your genes. But why does it feel thicker, you ask? Well, it’s because your hair is shorter and trimmed at a blunt angle. That’s why it may seem thicker, but if you to grow your hair out, then it will look how it originally did. Interesting!

2. You Can Use Soap Because It Works Just As Well As Shaving Cream

Myth. That’s because shaving products are created well, for shaving. Shaving creams, gels and oils are designed to moisturise your skin and help your razor glide more easily across your skin. Regular soap, on the other hand, is designed to cleanse (see where we’re going with this?). And it’s more likely to dry out your skin.

Been Using Soap? Here Are 3 MH-Approved Upgrades:

This holy grail product softens and moisturises facial hair and makes a great shaving oil, giving you a closer shave and soft skin.

Great for sensitive skin, this foam is packed with skin soothing ingredients like Vitamin E and chamomile.

This gel has fatty acids to protect and strengthen your skin barrier. It also contains jojoba oil which is super moisturising.

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3. You Should Shave In The Same Direction That Your Hair Grows

Fact. To avoid those pesky little razor bumps and ingrown hairs, it’s really important to shave in the direction of hair growth (aka with the grain). Not only does this ensure you’ll get a closer, more comfortable shave, but it will also lessen the chances of irritating your skin.

Looking For An Aftershave? These 4 Come Highly Recommended:

This post-shave balm prevents razor bumps, ingrown hairs and irritation and relieves the dry, itchy skin from new hair growth.

This calming and soothing lotion has a fresh, botanical and luxe scent without being totally overpowering.

post shave balm

This balm is great for the winter months and if you have dry skin. It’s super moisturising thanks to the shea butter.

This oil first works to soothe and calm.  It then reduces underlying inflammation, leaving you with clear, healthy skin.

4. You Should Never Be Sharing Your Razor With Other People

Fact. Seriously. Don’t ever share your razor with anyone, no matter if it’s your best bro, cousin or partner. It’s common to get nicks and cuts when you’re shaving. So when you use someone else’s razor, you could be putting yourself at risk of infection. That’s because razor blades may spread infections like fungal infections, warts and staph bacteria. Trust us—you want to avoid all of those!

5. A New Razor Will Cause Cuts And Nicks

Myth. A brand new, sharp razor is actually the best option. An older razor is much more likely to catch on your skin, leading to cuts. Why? Well, the duller the blade, the more pressure you’re going to need to exert in order to get a close shave. Plus, your blade may tug on your skin which could lead to nicks. The more you know!

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6. Shaving Will Remove Your Tan

Myth… provided you haven’t been hitting the fake tan and your tan is actually real. Little science lesson: tanning occurs in the body’s pigment cells, in the lower levels of the skin. And well, a razor blade can’t get to that. However, if you’ve put on fake tan, shaving could have an effect on its longevity because it sits on the surface of the skin. Razors tend to remove loose and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, so if you’re regularly shave, it may contribute to your fake tan disappearing faster.

3 Additions That Will Level Up Your Shaving Experience

Avoid blunting or scratching your razor with this case.

shave brush and bowl

Create the perfect lather for a smooth, close shave.

shave stand

This stand holds your brush and razor in style.

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