Total Body Reboot! 11 Solid Reasons To Grab Our Latest Issue

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Magazines

Productivity is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, we all want to be more productive; on the other, we’re often burning the midnight oil in pursuit of peak efficiency. And that zealous commitment to the rise-and-grind mindset could be wreaking havoc on your health and happiness. Studies have found that the most overworked among us are often the least satisfied with life.

The prescription? Work smarter, not harder. Our new March/April 2024 issue serves up a heavy-handed dose of this much-needed Rx providing you with the research, tips and tools to reboot your body, streamline your life and carve out more free time to spend as you please. Let’s look at a few more reasons you should grab a copy right now:

1. Eat Better

best foods for men

The overwhelming number of goods stacked on supermarket shelves can make settling on your next bite difficult. So we scoured the aisles and perused digital storefronts (tasting everything) to compile our list of the best foods available. Whether you’re looking for a heat-and-eat ready meal that’ll help you build muscle or sate your sweet tooth without crashing your calorie counts, tap into our bonafide “best of” list to ensure you’re fully stocked with the greatest grub.

2. Get Ahead of the Curve

fitness trends

The world of health and fitness is changing at a rapid pace, but we’ve got our finger on the pulse to make sure you don’t miss anything. This year, once again, we gaze into our crystal balls to predict which wellness trends are set to take over the world. From ice therapy and hot yoga to gamified workouts and biohacking, there’s a whole new era unfolding before our very eyes… consider our new issue your front seat to the future.

3. Tap Into a Champion Mindset

cheslin feature

Cheslin Kolbe has achieved World Cup glory not just once but twice. While he’s incredibly athletic, lightning-fast and can finish with clinical precision, it’s the mind behind this lethal machinery that has helped him tap into the grit to capture lightning in the bottle for a second time. Find out how he managed to rise from the ashes of a string of debilitating injuries to engineer the ultimate comeback and bring home the trophy.

4. Drive on a New Level

Our resident car expert swapped four wheels for two to find out whether the steed is truly mightier than the sedan. Follow his journey from entrant to enthusiast (and see every bike he rode along the way). 

5. Discover the Future of Fat Loss

beyond obesity

A new slew of meds and methods designed to help you lose weight have been unleashed. But do these quick fixes live up to the hype? Or is exercise (and good eating) still the cleanest path towards keeping off those excess pounds? We tapped the experts to give you an in-depth look at the latest tweakments, injectables and six-pack meds.

6. Get Lean Fast

Our Big Workout gives you the secrets to staying lean in the long run. Spoiler alert: it’s dead simple, you’ll need minimal kit and just a few of these powerful routines. Not only will our PT-approved moves help enhance your fitness, but they will also spark your metabolism and ramp up your mobility. 

7. Sweat Outside the Box

one piece workout

The plyometric box is nothing fancy, but this unassuming gym tool is one of the most powerful workout weapons at your disposal. For Part 11 in our One-Piece Workout series, we arm you with a new box of tricks; unpacking the history, science and perks of this versatile equipment (plus giving you all the moves you need to squeeze the most out of your box training sessions).

8. Head Into the Wild (In Comfort)

into the wild in comfort

Roughing it doesn’t mean having to, well, actually rough it. With a host of great gadgets, gear and tech available, heading into the great outdoors can be just as comfortable as staying at home. From grippy hiking shoes to durable tents, we’ve covered all the bases to upgrade your next getaway.

9. Sleep Waaaay Better

Struggling to get the requisite number of hours of shuteye? We tagged in a sleep recovery specialist to help you notch the right reps for your rest. Follow his foolproof advice to get to sleep faster and sleep longer.

10. Fuel Your Muscles

The humble rotisserie chicken can be your ultimate wingman for fat loss. Use our quick recipes to turn this ready-made muscle-maker into a feast worth training for.

11. You’ll Train in Your Hood

train your hood

With this issue, we head to Menlyn, Pretoria, to map out the best training spots in the area. From skateparks and trampoline arenas to teched-out gyms, consider this your travel guide for getting (and staying) fit on your doorstep. 

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