7 Reasons to Buy Our New Design Your Body Issue

by | May 1, 2023 | Magazines

Need the ultimate transformation blueprint? We’ve got you covered—in droves. With plans to bulk up, ramp up your run times and sculpt every muscle to serve any purpose, our new issue is stacked with advice to help you reach physical perfection. 

But we’re looking inward, too, sharing the mental lessons that will give you a mind that matches all that new, hard-earned muscle. Plus, we’ve tested the best performance gear and winter-ready fashion—including the best running shoes on the shelves—to kit out your 2023 armoury and get you moving for the rest of the year.

Here are seven more reasons you should head out and grab a copy:

1. Build a Body Like Our Cover Guy

new issue cover guy

All it takes is a glance to see that our cover guy, Ricardo Lategan, is in top shape. But forging that physique wasn’t a walk in the park—he had to overcome mental battles, make serious sacrifices and log long hours at the gym to achieve his impressive three-month transformation. In the mag, he shares his lessons, from dealing with anxiety to the moves you can use to replicate his results.

2. Sculpt Your Muscles

trainer section

Our Trainer section isn’t pulling any punches, and we’re going micro-level with workouts that target specific muscles so that you can finetune your gains. From a programme that requires nothing more than a kettlebell and a few minutes every day to moves that will help you forge abs in the 11th hour. Plus, we’ve got workout pages dedicated to powering up your back, filling out your sleeves and tuning up your whole body.

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3. Supercharge Your Cardio

new issue running special

If you’re aiming to tackle your first 5K, or you want to shave minutes off your previous best, our running programme will get you results in minimal time. With pro tips, an easy-to-follow guide and a showcase of some of the best up-and-coming running clubs in the country, you’ll be lapping the frontrunners soon enough. Plus, we’ve even included advice on how to protect your joints so that your next tarmac session doesn’t tank your mileage.

4. Update Your Running Gear

new issue running shoes

No running programme is complete without the right gear to help you stride through each new lap. We tried and tested the best tarmac and trail running shoes to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Ultramarathon? Long distance? Park run? No matter your mileage, we’ve got a pair that will take you across the finish line in comfort.

5. Upgrade Your Stamina (No Running Required)

new issue big workout

If you’re a cardiophobe—don’t stress. Flip to our big workout where we take you through a running-free programme that’ll net you next-level endurance and the stamina you need to thrive, whether you’re hitting the weights room, climbing gym or CrossFit box.

6. Achieve Peak Performance

guide to style performance gear

In this issue, our focus is on advanced fitness gear that’s more than just an outer layer. Each item in our Guide to Style sports new-era tech that will keep you dry, cool and comfortable. But we’re not just focusing on your rep-ready repertoire. Our “Man of Action” Sam Heughan—who stars in the hit show Outlander—will show you how to conquer the cooler months with hard-wearing threads that’ll keep you warm and stylish. 

Finally, no wardrobe is complete without some serious real estate for your wrist. We’ve compiled a list of the best budget-friendly watches that’ll count down the seconds without cutting into your savings.

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7. Hit Reset on Work Stress

crash and burn feature

The research is in: we’re working ourselves to death, but this isn’t the end of the line. Our big feature focuses on the harsh effects of burnout in the modern era. Thankfully, we’ve got tips to help prevent a serious nosedive, from striking a better work-life balance to knowing when you should clock out.

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