7 Proven Ways to Seriously Boost Your Metabolism

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Weight-Loss

Your metabolism is a fat-burning engine, heading deep into your fat stores to torch excess flab. Contrary to popular belief, this V8 won’t turn into a jalopy as you get older. Well, at least not until you reach your Golden Years. 

According to findings published in the journal Science, your metabolism is operating at peak performance at the age of one. Apparently, infants are burning calories at least 50% faster than full-grown adults. This inferno starts to sputter out by around 3% every year until you hit your 20s. That’s when you’ll hit a plateau, and the next noticeable dip will only hit as you enter your 60s.

That’s good news because there’s a strong chance that can still tap into some instant burn right now. To help fire up the old engine, we’ve compiled easy-to-implement, science-backed tips to give your power unit a bit more oomph.

1. Start Snacking

This might sound counterintuitive if you’re already gorging on high-calorie fare between meal times. However, research has shown that indulging your cravings can help regulate your blood sugar and insulin levels—i.e., the ideal tweaks to ensure your metabolism is motoring ahead. So, instead of starving yourself, opt for healthy snacks like biltong, nuts and seeds. 

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2. Schedule Your Feasts

If you’re in the habit of eating whenever you want, you could be doing your metabolism a disservice. Research has found that sticking to a regular meal pattern can not only give your engine a lift but could also help reduce inflammation, build up your tolerance to stress and ensure that your gut is populated with a colony of useful flora.

3. Power Up with Protein 

boiled eggs to help speed up metabolism

A 2020 study found that those who get a higher proportion of their calories from protein sources were able to burn more energy than those in the carb camp. Quick fix: fortify your morning oats with a scoop of protein powder, decorate your salads with a liberal helping of eggs and make sure to include meat or beans as part of your evening fare.

4. Ramp Up the Intensity

High-Intensity Interval Training is popular for a reason. It squeezes maximum burn into minimal time, giving you an efficient tool to spark your metabolism. Baylor College of Medicine revealed that an intense cycling circuit can burn calories during the 24 hours after your saddle session than spending an hour slogging through steady-state cardio. According to East Tennesse State University, that all-day burn will net you a clean 100 calorie deficit in addition to the kilojoules you expended in the gym.

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5. Live a Spicier Life

Fan of spicy food? Gorging on chillies could be your best weapon against weight gain. A study from the University of Copenhagen found that Capsaicin – the chemical in chillies that scorches your tongue – will help you burn more calories through a process known as thermogenesis. Planning dinner? It’s time to put curry on the menu.

6. Sleep It Off

Not getting enough shuteye? Your metabolism could be on its last legs. A 2016 study looked at how your resting hours could affect your burn rate. They found that those who slept less tended to have a lower metabolic rate. Setting a consistent bedtime will help ensure that you’re getting enough rest to rev up your engine again.

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7. Sip on Green Tea

A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the catechins in green tea may be able to boost your calorie-burning potential by as much as 4%. But when it comes to a quick cuppa, local is definitely lekker. Research in the journal Phytomedicine found that rooibos tea won’t just fan the flames but could also prevent the formation of fat cells.

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