Our March/April Cover Star Jonathan Majors is Set to Play Dennis Rodman

by | Feb 28, 2023 | Entertainment

The upcoming film ’48 Hours In Vegas’ will detail the Chicago Bulls star’s infamous trip to Sin City amidst the 1998 NBA finals and played by Jonathan Majors.

When The Last Dance dropped on Netflix in 2021, audiences worldwide immediately stopped what they were doing to tune in. Sure, it was available to stream on Netflix, but with a strict episode schedule that saw two episodes released over five consecutive Sunday nights, no matter what your geographic location or timezone, chances are you wanted to arrive at the screen immediately upon release, so as not to find yourself swept up in a vortex of memes, Tweets and Instagram stories all spoiling the events of each episode. 

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The 10-part documentary series detailed the Chicago Bulls’ incredible final championship season in 1997-98. It also included the key players behind the success. The Bulls allowed an NBA Entertainment crew to follow the entire team around for the season, making for engaging scenes with never-before-seen-footage captivating audiences. But Michael Jordan’s intensity and unwavering work ethic were a focal point of the series. Dennis Rodman became the show’s unsung hero – particularly when his infamous bender in Las Vegas was revealed during the finals.

The Film Starring Jonathan Majors

So iconic is Rodman and those hours spent in Sin City, that it’s now being made into a comedy film titled 48 Hours in Vegas. If all that wasn’t enough to pique the curiosity of fans worldwide, it’s now been confirmed that our March/April cover star Jonathan Majors will be starring in the film, after the actor told Boss Hunting, “Yeah, I’m playing Dennis Rodman…it’s fine, we’re working on the script.

The role comes from an impressive catalogue of recent films for Jonathan Majors. After his mesmerising performance in HBO’s critically-acclaimed horror-drama, Lovecraft Country, Jonathan Majors then went on to appear in Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods, Netflix’s The Harder They Fall, and will next face off against Michael B. Jordan in the upcoming Creed III.

The latter certainly serves as proof that while the athleticism and impressive physique Rodman was known for during his time on the court, it’s nothing Majors can’t achieve himself. The actor is known for going all-in on his preparation for films, particularly when it comes to a physical challenge that requires beefing up or slimming down.

Film Director

As for the film itself, 48 Hours in Vegas will be directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who previously worked on 21 Jump Street and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Their production company, Lord Miller, will collaborate with Lionsgate for the project, alongside Aditya Sood, Ari Lubet, Will Allegra and Dennis Rodman himself. 

Speaking about the project, Lord and Miller said in a statement: “Dennis refused to follow the herd. That is what made him a target and it’s also what made him a star. His weekend in Las Vegas is full of fun and hijinks but it is also full of important questions about the way public figures and workers are treated, especially when their individuality is expressed so vividly.”

An official synopsis for the film, reads: “Las Vegas, Nevada. 1998. The NBA Finals are in full swing. The Chicago Bulls are on the verge of completing their second three-peat in eight years. And Dennis Rodman – a groundbreaking cultural presence on and off the court and the team’s iconoclastic future Hall of Famer. His a defensive specialist, and rebounding genius – has just bravely told coach Phil Jackson that he needs 48 hours in Vegas. Naturally, it is a request that Jackson honours. Inspired by two whirlwind mythic days in Sin City, Lionsgate’s 48 Hours in Vegas will take audiences on Rodman’s madcap adventure with his skittish assistant GM. This film will detail a budding friendship that neither one of them ever thought was possible. A but will end up solving both of their problems.”

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*This article was originally published by Men’s Health AU

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