Kat Sinivisan on Mastering Grooming, Fitness, Mental Wellness, and Hosting

by | Oct 5, 2023 | Entertainment

Kat Sinivasan, a versatile South African entertainer, began his journey in the arts in 2005. From his early days studying classical music and dramatic arts, he has evolved into a multi-talented figure in South African entertainment. He gained recognition as a presenter on SABC1’s “YOTV” for five years before moving on to host “Play Your Part,” a Brand South Africa campaign showcasing remarkable individuals.

In 2013, Katleho joined the dynamic team at “Mzansi Insider,” a live weekend breakfast show. Beyond his hosting career, he has explored acting, with appearances in “My Perfect Family” and “Mutual Friends.” Katleho is also known for his impeccable sense of style, earning the title of one of South Africa’s best-dressed men in 2015.

In 2017, he made headlines by winning the E! Online Entertainment talent search, becoming South Africa’s first host for “How do I look.” Katleho Sinivasan’s journey is a testament to his versatility and talent in the world of entertainment.

In this interview, we had the chance to chat with Kat Sinivasan about his role in hosting “Let’s Do Dinner with Stella Artois” and we unpack his grooming, fitness, and mental wellness routines.

On Hosting “Let’s Do Dinner with Stella Artois”

MH: Can you tell us about your experience hosting “Let’s Do Dinner with Stella Artois”? What inspired you to be a part of this project?

Kat Sinivasan: The project itself spoke to me; the idea of meaningful conversations and connecting with people over a meal resonated deeply with me. In our fast-paced lives, we often rush through meals or cancel dinner plans. This concept is a reminder of the importance of coming together and sharing a meal.

What do you think makes “Let’s Do Dinner with Stella Artois” unique compared to other dining and entertainment experiences?

Many brands focus on showcasing their products, but this dinner is about providing an authentic experience. It’s a chance for attendees to genuinely connect and share a meal. In our digital world, we sometimes forget the value of in-person connections.

How do you prepare for hosting these dinner events? Do you have any rituals or routines you follow?

Personal grooming is important to me, so I ensure I’m well-prepared in that aspect. Feeling great helps me put my best foot forward. I also spend time learning about the event’s style and vibe to tailor my hosting accordingly.

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Grooming Routine

Kat Sinivasan
Kat Sinivasan, Image: Supplied

You always look impeccably groomed. Can you walk us through your daily grooming routine?

My grooming routine consists of a four-step process. I start with a fragrance-free, soap-free face wash, followed by a vitamin C serum. Then, I use an enlightening serum also containing vitamin C and finish with sunscreen.

Are there any specific grooming products or tools you swear by?

I get general facials at Skin Renewal in Waterfall. I highly recommend Heliocare SPF sunscreen because it doesn’t leave a white cast. It’s crucial to understand your skin type, so consulting with a dermatologist or aesthetician is valuable.

Do you have any grooming tips or advice for those looking to maintain a polished appearance like yours?

Everyone’s skin is different, so it’s essential to know your skin type before choosing products. Quality and effective products matter more than price. Avoid fragranced products on your face and prioritise professional grooming.

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Staying fit is essential. Can you share your approach to fitness and how you stay in shape?

Staying in shape can be a challenge, but I prioritise staying active and mindful of my diet. What you eat is as important as exercise. My diet includes simple meals like chicken breasts with vegetables or the occasional indulgence like a cheeseburger.

Are there specific workouts or exercises you enjoy or find effective?

I focus on chest exercises like bench presses and push-ups. During COVID, I realized you can work out anywhere, not just at the gym. I have dumbbells and barbells at home, so I can exercise in my hotel room while traveling.

How do you stay motivated to maintain your fitness routine, especially with a busy schedule?

Seeing myself fall off track and not liking how I look is my motivation. When I took on a role in House of Zwide, I wasn’t in the shape I wanted to be for the character. So, I changed my diet and worked hard to get in shape. Finding that balance and staying motivated is crucial.

Do you have any dietary habits or nutrition tips that contribute to your fitness regimen?

Everyone has different body types, so there’s no one-size-fits-all diet. When I’m in season, my diet includes oats in the morning, a tuna sandwich for lunch, and chicken breasts with vegetables for dinner. But when I’m off-season, I tend to relax a bit.

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Mental Wellness

Kat Sinivasan, Image: Supplied
Kat Sinivasan, Image: Supplied

Mental wellness is crucial. What strategies or practices do you use to prioritise your mental well-being?

I have regular sessions with a therapist every two weeks to create a safe space to release. I also practice yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation. I’m reclusive by nature, so I make sure to take time for self-reflection.

How do you manage stress and find balance in your life, given your busy career and hosting responsibilities?

The entertainment industry can be tough, with challenges like rejection. Having a strong support structure, including my incredible mother, helps. I also prioritise therapy, meditation, and me-time to maintain balance.

Can you share a personal experience when focusing on mental wellness had a significant impact on your life?

During a public audition with multiple stages, I constantly meditated and removed doubts. I believed I’d get the role, and I manifested it. Self-belief and mindfulness made a big difference.

A breathing app is incredibly helpful for quieting the mind and reducing stress. Breathing exercises are a simple yet effective way to find peace.

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