Kabelo Mabalane’s Inspiring Journey: From Kwaito Sensation to Spiritual Runner

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Life

For most South Africans, running is an exhilarating way to keep fit, but for former TKZee Kwaito sensation turned pastor Kabelo Mabalane, it’s been a lifeline. As he celebrates 21 years of sobriety this year, Mabalane reflects on a journey filled with striking contrasts, including a growing personal void during the height of his success as an artist.

In a heart-to-heart conversation with MH, Mabalane candidly shares his thoughts on his days as a sensation in the Kwaito music scene with TKZee. He describes it as a whirlwind of emotions, a dream realized with high school friends. However, despite accomplishing mountain-top success, he confesses, “Those days felt empty on a personal level as if something was missing.” It was only later that he understood the true purpose of his gifts and the need to connect them with their giver. Mabalane emphasizes that “every blessing and gift comes from a higher power and should be used to serve others.”

TKZee Days: The Highs and Lows of Fame

The Sobriety Journey and Inspiring Others

Mabalane emphasizes that it was about more than just himself. He saw it as an opportunity to inspire the community and those struggling with addiction. According to him, his sobriety journey “declared hope and possibility” and aimed to show people that “staying clean for extended periods is attainable” while encouraging them to “take that first step.”

Running: More Than Just Physical Exercise

Mabalane’s realization that running was more than just physical exercise dawned during his first-ever marathon, the 2006 Comrades. Recalling that race, he explains how it “changed my life forever” and provided him with a profound sense of belonging to the running community. The experience instilled in him a commitment to running for life. He believes that the principles learned through running can be applied to real-life challenges. He sees parallels between enduring on the track and persevering through life’s trials. According to him, it’s about “finding that inner strength and pushing forward” in both realms.

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The Sanlam Cape Town Marathon: A Race Like No Other

As he prepares for his third Sanlam Cape Town Marathon, Mabalane speaks highly of the event, praising its “world-class organisation” and the “sense of community” it fosters. He continues to return to this race because of the incredible experience it offers. The 2023 Sanlam Marathon, scheduled for October 14th and 15th, continues its journey as an Abbott World Marathon Majors Candidate, aiming to become Africa’s first World Marathon Major. Runners can choose from various race options, including the Gold Label Status Road marathon, the 10km or 5km Peace Runs, or one of the three incredible trail races, all set against the backdrop of Cape Town’s stunning beauty and diversity.

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Words of Wisdom for the Journey Ahead

When asked for advice for those embarking on their sobriety journey, Mabalane offers profound insight, saying, “We often ask the wrong questions. It’s not about what you want. Instead, you should ask what you’re willing to pay to achieve it.” He believes that “everything has a price,” and success in any endeavour, be it staying clean or running marathons, requires a willingness to make necessary sacrifices.

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