How To Intensify Her Orgasms

by | Jun 24, 2016 | Sex & Love

Broaden your tongue’s target. The skin around her clitoris is highly orgasmic, reveals a new study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The researchers asked women to rate the intensity of their orgasms, as well as the effort required, by location of stimulation. Not surprisingly, 94 percent of the females reported hitting their peak through clitoral play. But it’s not just that little button itself that gets her going: Three-fourths cited the sides of their clitoris as an O-zone, while 64 percent said they can climax through stimulation below the clitoris.

The women also said their most intense orgasms—and those requiring the least amount of work—stemmed from these three hot spots.

So how can you make her whole body vibrate? Start by touching everywhere but her clitoris—the sides, above it, below it, her labia, around her vaginal opening. “Play with her over her panties,” suggests sex therapist Marianne Brandon, Ph.D., author of Monogamy: The Untold Story. Once she’s stripped down, form a peace sign, and apply pressure to the sides of her clitoris, alternately positioning the base of the V formed by your fingers above and below her clitoris.

As you progress to more intense stimulation, target the left upper quadrant of her clitoris—a highly sensitive area for most women, Brandon says. “Know that there is a hood over her clitoris,” she adds. “You could pull that up, and see how she responds to more direct contact.”

Once you take her over the top, don’t evacuate the premises—she may be up for round two (or three). “It’s typically easier for women to have multiple orgasms if the contact doesn’t discontinue completely,” says Brandon. “But she’s going to need a little break from the intensity.” She suggests leaving your fingers where they are, but only applying slight pressure (no back-and-forth). “Slowly start moving again, and see how she responds to that. If she jerks like it’s too much, stay quiet a little longer,” Brandon says. “But if she’s responsive, you can get started again.”

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