Getting To Know David Higgs a Little Better

by | Aug 2, 2023 | Life

David Higgs, a renowned chef with an unwavering passion for culinary art, has carved a remarkable career path since he began his journey in 1990. Over the years, he has honed his skills in top restaurants, trained with leading chefs, and competed in prestigious culinary competitions. Today, he is the driving force behind the Marble Hospitality Group, a respected name in the industry known for pushing boundaries and striving for excellence. Alongside his culinary pursuits, David has also made a mark as a cyclist and established an NPO called Food Cycle. Here, we delve deeper into his culinary journey and the remarkable success of Marble Hospitality Group.

The Culinary Journey of David Higgs

David Higgs’ culinary journey began in 1990 when he discovered his love for food and cooking. Throughout his career, he excelled in various top restaurants and had the privilege of training with renowned chefs, gaining invaluable expertise and knowledge along the way. Notably, his skills and dedication earned him several awards and recognition for his outstanding work, propelling him further into culinary stardom.

Founding Marble Hospitality Group

The culmination of David Higgs’ culinary journey led him to establish the Marble Hospitality Group. This renowned group currently operates several successful restaurants in South Africa, each with its distinct character and style. Among its notable establishments are Marble, Saint, and Zioux. The group is committed to delivering exceptional experiences to its customers and constantly striving to revolutionise the food scene in South Africa.

David Higgs cycling
When he’s not shying away from being a celebrity chef you can find him on his mountain bike, making cooking videos for his YouTube channel, or walking his dog.

The Passion Driving Excellence

For David Higgs and his team at Marble Hospitality Group, passion lies at the heart of their pursuit of excellence. Their dedication to creating unique and unforgettable experiences fuels their continuous desire to improve and innovate. While the group strives for excellence, it is their genuine love and passion for their work that sets them apart and allows them to create exceptional experiences loved by their customers.

Challenges in the Entrepreneurial Space

The hospitality industry is not without its challenges, and David Higgs has faced and overcome many. One notable hurdle was managing almost 500 staff members, which required effective leadership and communication. Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic presented an unprecedented challenge, as did South Africa’s load-shedding crisis. Despite these obstacles, the team’s willingness to push boundaries and deliver the best possible experience for their customers played a vital role in overcoming these challenges.

Advantages and Disadvantages in the Hospitality Industry

As an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, David Higgs has experienced both the advantages and disadvantages of the field. The joy of witnessing his team grow and customers leave satisfied is a fulfilling aspect of the industry. However, the constant pressure to maintain excellent service and stay updated with industry trends can be demanding. External factors, such as economic fluctuations and unforeseen crises, also pose challenges.

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Exciting Developments for the Rest of the Year

Looking ahead, the Marble Hospitality Group has exciting plans for the rest of the year and beyond. Their new concept Pantry aims to revolutionize the South African food scene, while the opening of Marble Cape Town in 2024 will expand their culinary footprint. Additionally, renovations at Saint and new menu changes at Zioux promise to keep things fresh and exciting for their patrons.

David Higgs’ passion for culinary art and dedication to excellence have propelled him to the forefront of the hospitality industry. As the driving force behind Marble Hospitality Group, he and his team continue to innovate, delight customers, and push boundaries to create unique and unforgettable dining experiences. With exciting plans for the future, David Higgs and the Marble Hospitality Group are poised to leave an indelible mark on the South African culinary landscape.

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