Does She Really Find You That Funny? Take The Quiz

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Sex & Love

When you share a sense of humour, there’s a better chance she’ll tickle your funny bone. Around your friends, you…

  • A) Crack lots of jokes and always have a comeback ready.
  • B) Laugh off all the crap that other people gripe about.
  • C) Bust your buddies’ chops about their dumb mistakes.
  • D) Inevitably wind up as the target of your pals’ punch lines.

Your jokes are usually about…

  • A) Funny things that really happened to you – you swear!
  • B) Just how absurd your life can be (. . . in bed).
  • C) A jackass who did something stupid (. . . in bed).
  • D) The latest boneheaded blunder you committed.

If you’re feeling unhappy, you…

  • A Try to spend time with people who will cheer you up.
  • B Think of all the ways you can laugh at your problems.
  • C Zing one of your friends to lighten your dour mood.
  • D Hide your blues by kidding around with everyone else.

When you’re alone, you…

  • A) Me? Alone? Sorry, I wouldn’t know what that’s like.
  • B) Always find something to laugh at – like yourself.
  • C) Wonder where the hell all your idiot buddies went.
  • D) Figure everybody is avoiding you – like they always do.

“Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?”

  • A) “Banana,” “Boo,” “D octor” – “I got a million of ’em!”
  • B )“Grandpa.” “O h no, stop the funeral!”
  • C )“Y our dog’s dead, man. I ran it over with my 4×4.”
  • D )“U h, wait a minute. I think I completely screwed this up.”

If a joke is a bit risqué, you…

  • A) Won’t tell it if it’ll offend your friends or family members.
  • B) Will hold off telling it if it’ll risk making you look like a tool.
  • C) Tell it to everybody who will listen. Then tell it again.
  • D) Tell it, knowing that you might wind up the butt of the joke.

Mostly A: Affiliative Humour – You use humour to build bonds and improve relationships. Teasing is in good fun, and your easy charm translates to instant friendships. This is usually seen as a sign of strong self-esteem. Look for: spontaneous women who love to laugh. They tend to be extraverted and open to new experiences. Mostly B: Self-Enhancing Humour – For you, comedy is a coping mechanism. You enjoy life’s absurdities and probably have a healthy sense of optimism and few emotional problems. Look for: women who delight in cheerful jokes about the stuff everyone else grumbles about, not to mention women who like absurdist comedy and cartoons. Mostly C: Aggressive Humour – You’re not laughing with people but at them, relying on sarcasm and put-downs. But that’s because you believe they deserve to be ridiculed. Look for: gals who can dish it out too. Unfortunately, finding your dream woman may take a bit longer, since it’s guys who are more likely to demonstrate aggressive humour. Mostly D: Self-Defeating Humour – You’re the butt of the joke and you know it. You make fun of yourself and let others crack one-liners at your expense, since it’s the way you fit in. Look for: self-deprecating types. Together, you may be prone to anxiety and depression, but no one will notice because you’re both skilled at masking your pain with comedy.

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