Discover the Hottest Denim Trends of the Season

by | Jul 21, 2023 | Style

As the winter season is at its peak in South Africa, it’s time to rock the denim trend with style. Denim is not just a passing fad; it’s a timeless and sustainable fabric that every man should incorporate into their wardrobe. After the electrifying displays at Paris and Milan fashion weeks, fashion experts at G-Star Raw shared these trends that are taking the world by storm with MH.

The Dominance of the Oversized Fit

Introducing The Denim Trends Making Waves This Season
Image: G-Star Raw

When it comes to denim, it’s all about embracing the power of volume and structure. This winter, oversized denim jackets and shirts are making a bold statement in men’s fashion. Say goodbye to the fitted silhouettes of the past and welcome the roomy and comfortable feel of the oversized fit. Whether you layer it or opt for a modern Canadian tuxedo look with matching denim bottoms. The oversized fit is a hot trend that demands attention.

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Low and Relaxed

Introducing The Denim Trends Making Waves This Season
Image: @ebbyybrown

The low and loose denim trend is not going anywhere this winter. Embrace contemporary men’s fashion revolution with relaxed-fit jeans that redefine style. These jeans offer a nonchalant drape and a laid-back aesthetic. Making them the perfect choice to bid farewell to the reign of skinny jeans. Experience unrestricted movement and exude effortless cool by pairing low and loose denim with oversized shirts or tucked-in tees for a modern edge.

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Embrace the Darkness: Dark Wash Denim

Introducing The Denim Trends Making Waves This Season
Image: G-Star Raw

While light-wash jeans are iconic staples in any wardrobe. This season, dark-wash denim is making a solid comeback in men’s fashion. Embrace the versatility of this inherently stylish colour, which effortlessly transitions from casual ensembles with a simple shirt to more elevated looks with boots and a jacket. Spotted recently in elite fashion spaces worldwide, dark wash denim continues to captivate with its irresistible allure.

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This winter, let this trend be your go-to style choice. Embrace these masculine denim trends inspired by Paris and Milan fashion weeks, and conquer the season with your confident and fashionable self. Stay warm, stay stylish, and let denim be your partner in crime throughout the chilly days.

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