Can Marijuana Improve Sex?

by | Aug 16, 2016 | Sex & Love

Sex and drugs have always been a rock ‘n roll combination, but a recent study shows that marijuana is less likely to let you down before and after your passionate adventure.

A study published in The Archives of Sexual Behavior revealed that both alcohol and marijuana were recorded to have some negative effects, however, alcohol was more likely to lead to an atypical choice in sexual partner as well as post-sex regret.

The negative effects concerning psychosocial experiences included partner interactions and contexts before sex, partner choice, perceived attractiveness of self and others, disinhibition, and feelings of regret after sex.

Both drugs had a role to play in the psychology of the subjects compared to their usual decision-making and mental state where sex is concerned. We’ve all noticed how touchy we become after a few rounds (or hits) as well as how our usually air-tight ‘type’ becomes less enforceable when choosing a partner.

The Bottom Line

Basically the study revealed that beer-goggles are real and has a noticeable effect on the experience of sex and the process of choosing a sexual partner.

Marijuana usually showed a higher level of enjoyment in both parties than its counterpart; the herb being more intense in terms of the various physical and mental feelings, and showing fewer post-sex regret cases.

Marijuana also showed that subjects were less concerned with their level of attractiveness and the attractiveness of their partner, showing both sets of drugs allow for a particular set of goggles.

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