Your Best Year Yet! How AI Can Double Your Productivity

by | Jul 12, 2023 | Life

ChatGPT is changing the game, and not just when it comes to helping you craft the perfect email response. This super-powered conversational bot has made artificial intelligence accessible to everyone—and that’s a good thing. Here’s exactly why AI will help you tap into next-level productivity.

A recent study conducted in the UK has lifted the lid on the potential workplace perks of the ChatGPT and its ilk. Researchers surveyed 4,000 workers clocking in across a variety of fields. What did they find? Those who have integrated AI as part of their workflow were saving an average of 1.55 hours of labour per day. (That amounts to 390 hours of timesaving across the work year.) But how?

Boilerplate and Boiling Down Your Day

Mundane tasks are part of every job. Whether it’s filling in spreadsheets or laying ground for a project, those foundational steps eat up more time than anything else. Turns out that AI is the employee of the month when it comes to expediting repetitive actions. Us? Well, that leaves us time to do what humans excel at: solving problems and wracking our brains to come up with creative solutions.

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To understand its power, you have to understand how it works. Namely, the AI isn’t just a proficient language model that’s constantly learning. It can also pour through and screen far more data in milliseconds than us mammals. Think about how long it takes you to screen a single email, let alone tackle the information overload most of us are presented with at work. With just a single prompt, you’ll have a workable answer to your most mundane problems.

Need the framework for a report or the most important beats of a new PowerPoint presentation? AI’s got you covered.

Workplace Weariness

Despite the selling points of embracing the new era of information, workplaces are still hesitant to adopt this bevy of tools. In the survey, researchers found that 56% of those surveyed said their employers did not actively encourage them to use them. Plus, you’re probably worried that AI is next in line to take your job, rendering your role obsolete in the ensuing years. You’re not alone: 53% of participants echoed those same concerns.

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But when you factor in that 40% of those surveyed agreed that AI could herald amazing returns for striking that coveted work-life balance, it might be time to start dabbling.

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