ANSWERED: How Much Manscaping Is Too Much Manscaping?

by | Oct 6, 2016 | Sex & Love

Is your limited knowledge of your significant other causing you you to have sleepless nights (not the good kind of sleepless nights either)? Follow our expert advice to make sure you’re getting awake for the right reasons.

Manscaping: how much do women really care about my junk(gle)? – Reino

I posed this question to a bunch of girlfriends. “Neat, but not prepubescent,” was the comment that got the most enthusiastic nods. “A man needs to be manly.” While grooming and neatening is encouraged, going clean shaven was a unanimous turn-off for this group. Do you have porn star aspirations, narcissism, too much time on your hands? Overpruning is viewed with suspicion.

My girl subconsciously flirts with other men – how do I stop myself from being  jealous? – Rikus

Two things to check in on. One, is she friendly with everyone, and are you interpreting friendliness for flirting? Two, how secure are you both in your relationship? If you’re feeling insecure, you could be reading signs that aren’t there; if she is, she could be looking for attention elsewhere or wanting to make you jealous. “Subconsciously” tells me she’s unaware, so once you’ve checked your motives, talk to her about it without making her feel awkward. Tell her you feel uncomfortable and know that some guys could get the wrong impression. It’s a good opener to talk about what you need from each other to feel secure.

We’re getting serious, but I have a serious clash with one of her friends. How do I handle it? – Nathaniel

Four words: be the bigger man. It’s the job of a BF (Best Friend) to be sceptical of a new BF (Boyfriend), so she’s probably being extra disagreeable to test you. You win by not rising to her bait and by supporting the friendship, which means never bad-mouthing said friend. Encourage your girl to spend time with her mates without you, and when you do have to hang out, be extra nice and brush off any rudeness.

My girlfriend wants to sext via Snapchat. I don’t think it’s my thing. How do I say no without sounding like a square? – Johnny

Snapchat’s about your safest bet, as the messages disappear after a few seconds. But it’s worth setting comfort boundaries: even just talking about your fantasies – in this case, dick pics – can be as arousing as the act. She might just be into sending them, in which case, you can enjoy and respond with compliments and encouragement. If you’re still against it, have a fun alternative up your sleeve – she’s clearly keen to spice things up.

I think my wife and I should share a bank account. She’s against it. Why? – Bryan Because it goes against every financial-independence lesson our moms have drilled into us. Money is a stressor for most people, and banks don’t do shared accounts anyway, so the account would have to be in one of your names with an additional card. Instead, I’d suggest one account for household expenses and a savings one for a holiday or home improvement. You can agree on ratios – this will help you draw up a budget, which will benefit you both.

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