7 Women Reveal the Worst Places They’ve Ever Had Sex

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Sex & Love

We asked seven women to share the absolute worst locations they’ve had sex and why they’d never do it again. Spoiler alert: Stay away from water.

 In Public

“I thought it would be fun to have sex in public places. In the middle of the night, we were walking along a path next to a lake. We chose a spot on the pavement and started getting after it. It was awkward, painful, and ended with him fingering me for five minutes while I watched garbage wash up on shore. Definitely not a turn on.” —Michelle L., 28

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In A Parking Lot

“In high school, my boyfriend and I had sex in his van with the seats down in a parking lot. After we steamed up the windows, we heard a knock on the door and saw a light. It was a cop. He saw both of us naked and told us to move the car.” —Leah D., 27

In A Hot Tub

“Hot tubs are not actually a sensual place to have sex, at all. It is a great place to get bacterial vaginosis, though.” —Maria R., 30

The Childhood Bed

“A bunk bed—just no.” —Hayley T., 26

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 On A Boat

“The worst place I’ve had sex was a boat. It’s wobbly, it smelled like urine, and there was so much sand involved. Never again.” —Jenna H., 33

 In A Hotel Bathtub

“I attempted to ‘surfboard’ Beyoncé style in a hotel bathtub with my boyfriend (that’s reverse cowgirl in a tub). Forty-eight hours later, I got the worst UTI of my life. So. Much. Blood. I’m still worried about all the gross stuff that was probably in the bath water. Ew.” —Ashley E., 26

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 Under A Blanket

“When I was younger, I was with a guy watching a movie at his house on the couch. I thought it was sexy to go down on him under the blanket, but it quickly turned into a very sweaty, hot mess. I panicked and felt trapped with a dick in my face.” —Carrie P., 31

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