100-Day Challenge: How This Guy Tweaked His Workouts to Burn Fat in Record Time

by | Jun 24, 2024 | Weight-Loss

Fitness coach Lucky Fadzi, 28, has a reputation for tackling extreme trials of fitness. So, when his form began to slip after launching his new business, he engineered his body reboot the only way he knew how: laying down the gauntlet to burn fat (and build muscle) fast.

At the time, his fitness was still at an admirable level—after all, he’d built up a strong foundation in the years prior with a zealous dedication to notching gym sessions. “But because of my busy lifestyle and uncertainty of my schedule, I just couldn’t get hit my goal of hitting the gym at least five to six times a week,” he admits.

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The solution? “I decided to take more drastic measures to hold myself accountable,” adds Fadzi. And thus, the 100-day challenge was born.

Consistency is Key: Sticking to Workouts

“They say you can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect to see different results,” says the entrepreneur. “So the goal with the challenge was to do something different in the hopes of changing the outcome.” That, and returning to the same levels of consistency that had helped him forge otherworldly fitness in the past.

Even though he could stack on serious muscle (and carve away layers of fat) over the next three months, he wasn’t chasing quick results. The aim, ultimately, was consistent progress. He started by scheduling gym sessions for every day of the week except Sunday. On some days he doubled his workload with an extra session, eventually scaling up his itinerary to nine workouts. Fadzi’s muscle menu included focused chest and shoulders; back and arms; and legs sessions with a generous sprinkling of CrossFit capers.

Smart Meal Tweaks to Burn Fat

lucky fadzi at the gym working out to burn fat

There are no quick fixes… You need to get used to hard work and avoid obsessing over results.

– Lucky Fadzi

Struggling to rein in your cravings? That might be why you can’t burn fat. Fadzi recommends keeping your fridge stocked with healthy home-cooked meals. The coach realised that when his pantry was empty, he was far more likely to tap through for a greasy (challenge-threatening) delivery. He balanced his homecooked meals carefully to ensure he was getting all the macros he needed to fuel his transformation. 

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“I wasn’t counting calories,” he admits. However, at this point in his long-running fitness journey, he’s developed a second instinct for the amount of energy contained in every morsel: “That’s why I would suggest to anyone else to count calories for at least a week to learn more about your food,” adds Fadzi. Just avoid being too restrictive with your diet and workout routine.

“Have a plan but be flexible. If life happens, be ready to adapt and move on,” he says.

The Results of Lucky Fadzi’s Total-Body Reboot

After 100 days dedicated to his total-body turnaround, Fadzi had managed to drop 3.5% body fat and pack on 1kg of lean muscle mass. For him, it’s proof that you can truly turn your fitness around “in a heartbeat”. (Reminder: he was able to make those strides in just over three months.) But he isn’t just fitter, stronger and lighter; he’s sleeping better, too. And the challenge helped inspire a level of consistency that felt almost impossible at the start of his journey.

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Throughout the challenge, he documented his workouts on social media and he believes that this public display helped him take accountability “even on days I felt too lazy to work out”.

“There are no quick fixes,” he adds. “You need to get used to hard work and avoid obsessing over results.”

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