Your Secret To Massive Gains In The Gym? Rope Up!

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Fitness

Battle ropes can deliver a long string of benefits. Their weight helps develop size and strength, while the dynamic resistance makes for serious definition: rope drills can cull 335kcal in 30 minutes*. Anchor them to a kettlebell or a squat rack, and strap yourself in twice a week.

Muscles Targeted : Upper Body + Quads + Glutes
Time: 30 Minutes
Level: Medium
Results: 14 Days

1/One-Arm Alternate Wave – With the ropes in each hand, adopt a wide stance and bend your knees. Pump the lefthand rope up and the right one down (A), then reverse (B), aiming for fluid waves in both. The secret? Grip lightly.

Sets: 3 of 30 sec rest: 30 sec


2/Shoulder Circle – Hone a swimmer’s V-shaped torso by adopting the same start position as for the previous move, but this time simultaneously raise each arm up (A) and outwards (B) in two large circles.

Sets: 3 of 30 sec rest: 30 sec


3/Jump Power Slam – While you’re still fresh, ramp up your plyometric power by holding the ropes in each hand, jumping explosively off the floor until the ropes are above your head (A), then slamming them back down (B).

Sets: 3 of 30 sec rest: 30 sec


4/One-Arm Plank Wave – To work your biceps, triceps and abs, from a plank position, pump your right hand up (A) and down (B) for 15sec. Repeat with the other hand for a further 15sec. Keep your core and back engaged throughout.

Sets: 3 of 30 sec rest: 30 sec


5/Snake – Using your shoulders, not your elbows, move both hands wide apart (A), then back together (B), so the ropes slither like snakes. Try it on one leg for a challenge.

Sets: 3 of 30 sec rest: 30 sec


6/Side Lunge Slam – Holding them slack, turn perpendicular to the ropes and raise them up high (A). Now powerfully slam them to the left, ending in a lateral lunge (B). Repeat on other side.

Sets: 3 of 30 sec rest: 30 sec


7/Sidewinder Keeping the ropes parallel, whip both across to your right (A), then sharply back to your left (B). Flex your knees and keep a wide stance so you don’t fall forward.

Sets: 3 of 30 sec rest: 30 sec


8/Scissor Lunge – Call your quads and glutes into battle by whipping the rope up and down in alternate hands while lunging forward with your right leg (A). Repeat with the left leg (B).

Sets: 3 of 30 sec rest: 30 sec


9/Russian Twist Slam – To target your abs and obliques, sit with the rope in both hands, then lean back, lift your feet up, and slam to your right (A) then left (B). Try to control your breathing.

Sets: 3 of 30 sec rest: 30 sec


10/Squat Wave – From standing, make one-arm alternate waves (A), then lower yourself into a squat (B), hold for 4sec – while still making waves – then rise and repeat.

Sets: 3 of 30 sec rest: 30 sec


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