Yes, I’m Doing Crossfit… #TeamRich

by | May 17, 2016 | Fitness

Before you ask, I’ll tell you. Yes, I’m doing CrossFit. It comes with the stereotype of anyone who participates in CrossFit, talks about CrossFit.

I’m not much of a talker, or writer, but I do like to be challenged physically. And after the first session this evening, if this discipline is as tough as the introduction, the next 100 days going forward will be nothing shy of transformation. Seriously.

Our first session saw endurance trainer Leon Gazet show me the ropes, or should I say PVC pipes. He took me over the 3 core squat moves – deadlift, overhead deadlift squat and also introducing the classic Olympic lift, snatch. Over 30 minutes he helped perfect (I’d like to think) and shape my movements for those exercises. No weights, just form. Form is everything.

Strong back, straight. Wider gripe, more narrower stance. Breath. Bend. Straighten. Repeat.

Once he was satisfied, I was thrown into the Baseline test (500m row, 40 squats, 30 sit-ups, 20 push-ups & 10 pull-ups)  – My time – 6min 33sec. I will improve.

On a closing note, Black River CrossFit has their house in order. The environment is friendly, yet stern. The people are supportive, but driven. It is a place one feels nervous at first to enter, but triumphant in the end to leave. A drive to do your best the next time you start.

Let’s see what the next class has in store. I hope I endure. Here’s my programme:

Programme for week beginning 16 May


Part A: clean and jerk
Set1: 5 mins, every 60secs 1 power clean, 1 front squat, 1 jerk at 70%
Set2: 5 mins with above + 5 -10%
Set3: 5 mins + 5%

Part B
7 rounds for time
14 DU
7 power snatch (75lbs/55lbs) (65/45) KB swings
7 wallballs
11 min cap

Part C
5 min conversational pace row or bike

Part A
10-1 Strict ring dips/ push-ups/ box push-ups
1-10 strict pull-ups / bar rows
*with weighted vest if possible

*movement prep for OH squat from the ground

Part B
Regionals chipper variation for time
500M assault bike (red do 350M)
25M Handstand walk
5 OH squat (135/85) (95/65) Goblet squats
500m row (red do 350M)
25 burpee broad jumps over gymnastic mats
5 OH squats

Part A:
Front squat
Rest 90-120 seconds between sets
Amrap capped at 10 reps

Part B: EMOM 15
Min 1: 25M sled push
Min 2: 12 TTB
Min 3: 8 HSPU (strict deficit) / Pike HSPU/ seated DB press

Part C: 3 rounds not for time
15 GHDs/ v-ups
10 heel raises on GHD or bench

Part A: Power snatch
Set1: 4 mins, every 60secs 1 power snatch at 70%
Set2: 4 mins same as above +5-10%
Set3: 4 mins + 5%

Part B:
3 sets of 3 snatch deadlift with 3 second pause at shins, knees and pockets

Part C
Alternate 4 rounds with 1 partner
30 double unders
20M banded sprint
10 box jumps
5 ball slams or slam ball dumps


Part A: Not for time
Bench press
20-16-12-8-4 (increasing 10% weight) (red Panther 10-8-6-4-2)
Alternate with seated sled pull
1-2-3-4-5 (Decreasing weight)
*Bench starts on about 50% of max
*sled starts with 125lbs and remove 1 plate each round
20 minute cap

Part B:
4 mins
30 seconds slow row
30 seconds hard row
Rest 1 min
4 mins
30 seconds hard assault
30 seconds slow
Rest 1 min
4 mins
30 seconds GHD or wallball sit-ups
30 seconds rest


Movement prep for pistols or postal variation and power cleans

Regionals WOD variation

Part A
4 rounds for time
26 wallballs
13 pull-ups
* 8 minute time cap

Rest 3 mins

4 rounds for time
16 pistols (scaled pistol) (air squat)
8 power cleans (115/85) (95/65) (KB clean)
* 8 min time cap
“Black River Crossfit:





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