Win At The Go-Kart Track

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Life

Make like Sebastian Vettel and leave your competitors chasing your tiny tyre tracks, or if you prefer the recently crowned three-time Formula One World Champion, Lewis Hamilton and you are looking to try out some of his moves.

The go-kart track is the ideal place to test your blow-away skills (when one driver goes faster than another, he blows him away)

Pay close attention to these tips from Kevin Williams, a World Karting Association board member, as it could come in handy the next time you and the guys decide to have a bit of a speed off.

Sit up Straight

Better posture in the kart leads o greater turning control, so sit upright with your arms slightly bent. This will help you apply even pressure to the steering wheel, which decreases your risk of a spin-out.

Study the Course

Something that all the top Formula One drivers do, the only difference is that they have a crew behind them. The go-kart track should have a map showing the suggested “line”- the fastest path through each turn- and braking points.

Braking points vary depending on your weight, so experiment on your first few laps, but in some turns, you might be better off not braking at all; so lift off the gas instead.

Aim for Speed, not Position

Most tracks score each race based on fastest laps, not relative positions. If that is the case, hang back so you have a clear track to produce the best time, or stick behind the fastest guy.

Why? So you can follow his line and stay motivated to pass him.

Master the Turn

Known as the apex in Formula One, where a corner lasts an astounding 7.6s at race speeds of close to 200kph. However when it comes to a go-karting, you should brake or lift your foot off the gas before the turn.

Stay on the inside of your lane, and then accelerate as you exit and allow the kart to drift to the outside, you’ll cut a second off your time.

Pass like a Pro

Are you stuck behind someone and just waiting for a gap so you can pass him? You’ll need to carry more speed through the next turn than he does.

Brake as little as possible, accelerate past him at the apex and keep the hammer down all the way through the exit.


All that’s left to do is: gear up.


-Alice Paulse




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