Why You Should Wine & Dine Her

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Sex & Love

The way to a woman’s heart is simpler than you thought, as the saying goes- the way to your (a man’s) heart is through his stomach well a recent study suggests that this could be the case for women too.

So when your partner nags about wanting to be wined and dined or you’re thinking about a cool date idea. Look no further as feeding a woman could get you very far or so the study says, which was published in the Appetite journal.

A team of researchers at the University of California, San Diego recruited 20 women who were of average weight with half having not been on a diet and the other half having dieted twice in their life. The team was led by Alice Sly, author and postdoctoral fellow, who wanted to examine whether a full stomach has any effect on women’s desire or arousal.

The participants were instructed not to eat for eight hours and then had to undergo a MRI scan, during the scan they were shown images of a romantic nature; with the odd neutral images like sporting equipment.

They found that when all the women were hungry, similar levels of brain activation occurred across the board.”

This is the part where things get interesting so pay close attention, men.

The participants were then given 500 calories of a meal replacement drink and had to undergo a MRI scan once again. They were shown the same images as before however there was an significant response to romantic cues as they were no longer hungry or “hangry”(hungry and angry). As they were no longer hungry they could turn their attention to other things.

“Once we’re sated, then we can get on to better things”, said Alice Sly. That ‘better things’ could be you (wink wink nudge nudge).

Need more convincing as to why you should wine and dine your special lady?

Traci Mann, a psychology professor from the University of Minnesota says, “This hypothesis makes a lot of sense. She says the longer you’re refraining from food, the more preoccupied you become with it, making it more difficult “to be drawn away from thinking about food to thinking about other things.”

Instead of seeing it as another way of women trying to get what they want, see it as a way to get what you want, bro.

Sources: Medical Daily

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