Want 7 New Looks That Work For Date Night And Your Day Off? You Only Need This One Jacket.

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Style & Grooming

Timeless. Durable. Versatile. A leather jacket adds a sophisticated edge to any occasion. 

Here’s how to make a leather jacket work, no matter the situation.

1. You’ve been invited to a fancy dinner…


A shirt and tie are mandatory, but looking too stiff – that’s a problem. Step 1: swap those boring, uncomfortable work trousers for a pair of fitted denims. Step 2: layer a clean-cut waistcoat with your leather threads to neatly straddle the line between dressed up and laidback. A word of warning: steer clear of extremes. A bowtie is tempting, but you want your outfit to work even when the temps pick up and the jacket is off. Go for a tie in a neutral colour.

2. It’s a house party and you’ve only got two minutes before your Uber arrives…


Want attitude? You don’t have to join a motorcycle gang. A denim shirt under a leather jacket will do twice the work – but make sure you keep the sleeves rolled up and the tails untucked – the tattoos are optional. Save your look from looking sloppy by donning slim-fit jeans in a pair of black kicks.

3. It’s time to grab coffee mid-deadline…


Like to keep your gym buddies guessing? A cool athleisure approach shows the best of both worlds – with a comfortable, hoodie layered under the leather exterior. Or, if you want to switch it up, lose the hoodie, add a cap and rock the jacket solo.

4. You’ve got a hot lunch date…


Want a polished look? Zip it up with a slim-fitting jacket – and keep your accessories simple (think neutral colours and understated details). A hat and sunglasses will show you’re ready for anything, but don’t forget to remove the shades when inside and loosen the jacket when you sit down.

5. It’s after hours and you want to chill at the bar, without looking slobby…


An old-school leather jacket will make you look (and feel) like James Dean. It’s versatile enough to sling over a button-down shirt when you clock out, and sleek enough to have you covered when “just drinks” turns into
an overnighter.

6. You need to make an entrance…


We’ve always loved a classic cut as it can be casual or dressed up with a few simple tweaks. Exhibit A: a gingham shirt with slim-fit trousers. Feel free to swap out the sneakers for black brogues. You want to say clean-cut pro, not egomaniacal tech-billionaire.

7. You’re getting ready to clock out for the weekend…


Loosen up! Yes, you can live in this thing – if you learn how to look relaxed. The result: people will assume that you were born to wear one. A basic T-shirt and fitted jogger pants let the jacket shine as the stand-out piece. Trust us: soon, this will be your go-to weekend get-up.

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