Turf Games Hits Cape Town and Here’s How You Can Join the Revolution

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Global, team based fitness competition Turf Games is hosting its first event in South Africa on the 9th and 10th December.

The event which takes place in the UK, Australia and the UAE has finally selected its piece of Turf in Cape Town for the latest in its global remit of events.

Held alongside the HSBC SVNS Tournament at Green Point Cricket Club, Cape Town is the first event in this new partnership for the 23/24 season. The competition sees teams of 4 athletes across Everyday, Intermediate and Elite divisions battle it out over a series of workouts.

What is Turf Games?

It is a team based functional fitness competition which began in London in 2018, and now hosts competitions all over the world including Dubai, Sydney, Gold Coast, London, Dublin and more. More than 10,000 athletes have already taken part in a Turf Games comp this year and Cape Town will be the last event in the 2023 schedule.

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So are Turf comps different to CF comps? The workouts at Turf are all built around teamwork – how to use your team’s strengths and weaknesses – to maximise your score – all whilst having fun! The core of the workouts are based around – strength, conditioning and power – and won’t feature any high skilled gymnastics or complex olympic lifting movements. You won’t be seeing any handstands, muscle ups, overhead squats, max barbell 1RM snatches – just good old fashioned hard work, determination and team tactics. The workouts are fun, challenging yet rewarding all at the same time. If you’ve been training hard then now is the time to put all that into practice on the Turf.

Turf Games Hits Cape Town and Here’s How You Can Join the Revolution

You may be wondering who can enter a Turf Games? There are 3 divisions to choose from, based on your level and why you want to take part. This means there is always a wide variety of people entering from those who train at their local hiit studio or F45 a couple of times a week to those stepping up their training at functional fitness gyms, and those training at CF Boxes as well as professional athletes.

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The fitness levels vary considerably but the divisions and workouts reflect this so you can have different athletes competing side by side throughout the comp.

Check out the Turf Games Division Guidance here.

Keen to enter?

There is still time to enter a team into this year’s competition. All you need to do is decide which division to enter and find your 3 other team members. All teams must comprise 2 males and 2 females. Click here and follow the steps below:

  • Click on the division you want to enter. Have a read then hit ‘Buy Tickets’
  • Find your division – HSBC SVNS Everyday Competition Package or HSBC SVNS Elite Competition Package or HSBC SVNS Intermediate Competition Package
  • Hit the ‘+’ which will default to ‘4’ and then Find tickets
  • Then tick the tick box and sign into, or create your ticketmaster account
Turf Games Hits Cape Town and Here’s How You Can Join the Revolution

Once you purchase your team entry from the HSBC SVNS page, within 4 days, you will receive an email from Turf Games with details of how to set your team up on our competition software – Team Aretas. If you have any questions at all please email the Turf Team at caroline@turfgames.com.

As part of your team entry you will also receive tickets for the HSBC SVNS tournament so you can watch all the rugby action in the main stadium before and after your heats.

We guarantee it will be the best weekend of fitness you have ever had!

Event Details

Dates: Saturday 9th December and Sunday 10th December 2023

Location: Green Point Cricket Club – 111 Vlei Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa.

Entry details:

Turf Games Team Entry includes a HSBC SVNS Rugby Stadium Ticket – all athletes who sign up will also get tickets to the main stadium on your competing day/s.

Team entry costs are as follows:

Everyday Teams – R4,600 (4 athletes @ R1,150 / athlete)
Intermediate + Elite Teams – R5,600 (4 athletes @ R1,400 / athlete)

Turf Games Hits Cape Town and Here’s How You Can Join the Revolution

Turf Games prides itself on community fitness and the power of a goal or competition to keep you accountable to your training and that of your team members. Fitness and training should be fun and social and there is nothing quite like a team for generating camaraderie, for feeling inspired and part of something that drives your motivation.

Turf Games is not just a competition but a movement to create training goals in a social and fun environment.

For more details visit the Turf Games website here and follow @turfgames on Instagram for updates.

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