Touch Test

by | Oct 8, 2013 | Style & Grooming

There’s something really pleasurable and indulgent about climbing under the covers in winter. The weather’s raging outside, there’s soft light inside, and you’re in a cosy fort 
of blankets with a warm body next to you. Part of the pleasure is purely sensory: the crisp linen, fleecy socks, soft pillows enfolding you, a downy duvet topped with the weight of a woven woolen blanket.

Winter is full of opportunities to engage the senses, from the assault of 
a chilly wind and the smell of rain, to a hearty stew eaten in front of a crackling fire. And there’s plenty 
to stimulate touch 
– comfy knits, silky cashmere, smooth cottons, velvety wool, that are great for warmth and comfort, but encourage her to brush against you too.

Your first step is to embrace the season: you can’t get away with one stale, oversized hoodie that lived in your boot for most 
of summer; or the perennial, stretched grey V-neck jersey 
that you wear to work almost every day. Take the opportunity to layer neutral colours and touch-me textures, but be sure to keep bulkiness at bay by choosing fitted, well-cut basics. I love a man in an outfit with clean lines and symmetry – clothes that are too big or too small don’t achieve this.

Streamline by sticking to the same colour palette, introducing no more than two contrasting colours, patterns 
or textures per outfit 
– more than three 
patterns is just overwhelming and will 
get you noticed in 
the wrong way. Fortunately, there’s 
an upside to winter fashion: a tailored jacket, bright scarf 
or sleek leather driving gloves, are functional ways to stylishly, and more importantly, effortlessly showcase your personal style – exactly the attention you’re after.

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